Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TMI???? Probably.

Holy cow! The mosquitoes this year have been crazy! I don't mean out in the wilderness or woods, but right in my own backyard. I don't ever remember them being so bad. I am a spray Nazi when I go camping and really pride myself on the fact that I very rarely get bitten on camping trips. But man! I don't think to put it on while I am at home. On two separate occasions we have even had them in our room at night and then wake up the next morning with bites all over. My poor kids have fared far worse than me and they get the WORST reactions from them, they get so swollen and are just miserable.
Well a couple of nights ago I was awakened to the familiar buzzing sound around my ear and I was just too tired to get up and find the spray so I just threw the covers over my head and called it good. Chris ended up getting three bites and Ana got one right in the middle of her forehead and under her chin. I thought I must have dodged the bullet  because I couldn't find any bites....

Well I was wrong. I found three QUARTER size bites all right next to each other and you will never guess where I found them... on my right cheek, and I don't mean the cheek on my face! How in the heck did I get bitten there?! I mean seriously, I don't walk around naked.... I'm baffled. Of course now that I know about them they start itching. Let me tell you, THAT is not the most choice places to be scratching.... especially in public. So if you see me around the next few days, just ignore me if you see me giving it a good scratch and remember there are THREE HUGE BITES that I am trying to relieve! Sheesh.

OH! Another annoying tidbit that happened yesterday... We opened the garage door to leave somewhere and I noticed a strange object lying in our driveway. I looked closer and realized that it was a dead mouse! Not just any dead mouse, but a mouse that was rather large (prob five inches long) and it's head was partly ripped off. I freaked out! We figure some animal like a cat left it there as a present. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that there is one less mouse (especially that size) running around the neighborhood, but that was DISGUSTING! I made Chris come and take care of it. He scooped it onto the snow shovel and then the little stink chased me around the driveway with it. I'm sure it was quite the spectacle for our neighbors to see... me screaming as Chris chased me around with the snow shovel. So not funny.

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