Monday, April 6, 2009

1 year!!!

Happy anniversary to me!!! One year ago on April 1 I began this blog. I am so happy that my friend Amy introduced/shoved this idea down my throat. I only started one to get her off of my back and now look....I don't even need her to persuade me to post now. I am kind of a roller coaster blogger, some months I am blogging every day and some months only once a week. At any rate, I love this new way to journal my families life, and along the way I have reconnected with old friends (Noelle, Heather, Ashley) and made new blogging friends (Bekki, Momza, Emily) to name a few.
So here's to many more years of blogging my life away. It's late, I think that I'll go to bed now. Toddles

A little bet

I am at my wits end, and when a person is at their wits end they do ANYTHING to find a solution to the problem. I know that my child will read this, so I will not go into too many details for fear that she will be forever mad at me and never speak to me again. Let's just say that she has discovered the male spieces, yep, that is right. Let me remind you that she is only a 5th grader. Well her teacher has contacted us about some letters that were being passed back and forth between her and another student ( a male one). In the letter she expressed interest in kissing. I was stunned! What happened to my sweet little innocent baby girl? My first impulse was to yank her out of school and home school her, but really will solve anything? So I came up with another plan....the bet.
The conversation went as follows
Me: Sienna why do you want to kiss a boy
Sienna: What?! I don't
Me: Then why did you write that in your letter to ......?
Sienna: Mom that was an April Fools joke!
Me: Sienna you shouldn't even be thinking about that until you are old enough to date....which is 16.
Sienna: Whatever
Me: I want to make a deal with you... if you can make it to 16 WITHOUT kissing a boy then I will give you $1,000
Sienna: DEAL (said without ANY hesitation)
Me: No cheating on this, because I will know if you break your end of the deal
Sienna: How will you know?
Me: I'm your mom and I just will know. Now shake on it.
And with that our deal was sealed. I fully intend to uphold my end of the bargain and she seems pretty excited to uphold her end. (at least for now!)
I already have my speech prepared for the next time she likes someone, I will say to her "Sienna is he REALLY worth $1,000?"
Wish me luck!