Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby Shower Invite

So I have decided that I want to try and post scrapbook and card things that I make that I think are worth posting. I am doing a baby shower for my sister-in-law and made these invitations. I am proud of these because I actually came up with this on my own. Typically I am good at coping ideas that I see and making them my own. But this one was all me baby!

This is the inside of the card... isn't it cute?! It took a long time to figure out how to do it so that when the card was closed you could see only brown. But when the card was opened it didn't look funny either. I used my cricut to make all of this.

I just LOVE the color combinations too!

Our fantastic SANDBOX!

Yes that is right! I FINALLY got my sandbox! I have been begging my dad for some time now to come and help me build a sandbox for the kids. I wanted it to be a big one, not one of the cheap plastic ones that you buy from Walmart that only one kid can fit in. I wanted it to be big enough that all my kids could be in it at the same time and not touch. So my dad brought the wood over last week and me and my mom stained it. Then came the rain... ever since then the weather has been awful so we hadn't been able to have the sand delivered. Well this morning the sand came! I rounded up a couple of wheel barrows and with the help of my mother and my great neighbors Josh and Melissa, we got 7 tons of sand dumped in 2 1/2 hours! I am so thrilled with the outcome, it is beautiful and the kids have been playing in it all day! My ONLY complaint is now I have sand sprinkeled throughout the house. But you know, that is a small price to pay for the hours of fun my kids had today. Thanks dad, you are the best!!!!!

The finished product...isn't it beautiful!

My good friend and neighbor Melissa loading up the dirt, what a good friend! This is her husband Josh, they live in the house that you can see directly behind the sandbox
My wonderful Mother! She helped even though she was feeling a bit under the weather
The kids in heaven... they spent the entire day in the sand!
I asked Tae to show me how she felt about the sandbox....this is what I got. The picture says it all!

Dog Sitting

This past weekend we had the opportunity to look after our neighbors dog, Stella. Well we really didn't get asked to watch her, Chris was supposed to let her out a couple times a day but when he went over there he felt sorry for her being all alone. So he brought her over to the house and the kids went NUTS! The dog was so sweet and gentle with them, even Faze...who wasn't the kindest to the poor dog. I have to admit that it was kinda fun to have a pet for a little while. I know that the kids and Chris are really wanting a pet now. I just worry about Sienna's allergies acting up.

Tae was intantly in love with Stella!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Protecting the clan

So my friend has inspired me to make sure that my family's identity is kept safe on my blog. I love this new way to keep people updated about our life, but there are tons of people that link on to blogs through other people's blog...people that I don't know. So I have revamped my blog to eliminate mine or my children's first and last name's being listed. Sorry if this sounds paranoid, but with identity theft gaining popularity, it is better safe than sorry. So I ask that if you decide to add my link to your blog that you refrain from listing my first and last name. Thanks so much for your understanding! I invite you to make your blog safe as well! Happy blogging!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The graduate

Ana graduated from Pre-School! Ana loved her pre-school, she has been going to the same pre-school for the past two years. It was done out of her teachers home and was called 'Alphabet Kids Pre-school'. They really focused on letters. At her graduation they sang songs that they had learned and then they were handed their diploma's. It was the fastest, most entertaining graduation ever! I just can't believe that my little Ana is going to be attending Kindergarten. She is such a big girl and I am so proud of her. What a sweet little peanut!

Miss Liza and Ana

Mom, Dad and sweet Ana

Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthday Boy!!!

My baby turned 2!!! I can't believe that he is two years old...where has the time gone? What an amazing little boy he is, we absolutely love having him in our family. Here are some pictures of our fantastic day with the birthday boy.

Faze opening his presents

Faze got a big thing of bubbles, which he loves...and tons of clothes, it was so cute to watch him open his gifts, he really got into it. He would squeal with delight when he opened his gifts. He got several outfits that he was really excited about, Chris was thrilled to have a son that was so excited to recieve clothes. LOL

Here is a clip of him opening his gifts

I made Faisal a fire engine cake, which turned out so adorable (if I do say so myself!). It was a chocolate cake with a raspberry filling, it was actually really tasty and more importantly Faisal loved his cake and wanted to keep looking at it. The pictures really don't do it justice.

Clearly he didn't want to have this picture taken...
Opening presents from grandma and danka

We gave him this cute little battery opperated bike that he LOVES!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The best mom in the world!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

So I just wanted to take a minute to brag about my fabulous mom. I thought it would be fun to list the reasons why I think she is smashing.

1- She is one of my very best friends...I can talk to her about anything, she is always there for me and willing to listen to me complain/rejoice about being a wife/mother. She is alwasy willing to help any of her kids out if they need help.

2- She makes me laugh... I always have such a great time when I am with her. She is a VERY fun person to be around, especially on road trips.

3- She is the best grandma in town! My mom LOVES her grandbabies, she is so supportive and loving to all of her grandkids. My kids love to visit grandma and Danka's house. She is always one of the loudest cheerleaders at a dance competition.

4- My mom is completly devoted to her family. She loves all of her kids so much and thinks that the sun rises and sets with each of us. She will defend us to the bitter end, I know that she adores each of us.

5- She is so creative, I am always so impressed with her creative genious! She is so talented in creating things...her favorite is paper piecing with scrapbooking.

6- She has such a strong testimony of the gospel, I know that she has a great love for our Savior.

7- She is the strongest woman I mom has endured some pretty tough things in life. She has stayed so strong through all of her trials, she is such an amazing example to me of how to endure to the end. I hope that I can someday have that much strength.

8- My mom loves Disneyland ALMOST as much as I do... we both would love to live on Mainstreet Disneyland!

9- She has raised four of the most amazing people!!! LOL, I mean seriously have you met my brothers? They are a crack up....and not to brag, but I have a pretty fun personality myself.

10- She loves me unconditionally, despite my faults...which there are many and for that I will forever love her!

Happy Mother's Day to the best mom in the world!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Faisal loves this song!

Faze was watching me post my blogs and started singing to the music coming from my was so funny I had to record it and post it right away. Gosh I should call American Idol and tell Randy that there is 'a hot one in the house tonight baby!'

A fresh manicure

I just love having freshly done nails...I feel so complete when my hands look nice. I know it is crazy, but it is like adding a exclamation point at the end of a sentence. LOL

My good friend Kristen usually does my nails, but she is in Mexico for the week (LUCKY DUCKY) and I was desperate so I just went to a nail place in town and I took advantage of being able to do something different then the french manicure that Kristen normally does for me...I went daring and had them add a pink stripe, I know I am a WILD WOMAN! Although it is not very practical is it still fun to do every now and them.

A sad good-bye :-(

Yesterday was a pretty tough day for me...due to some pretty tough working situations I felt it best to resign as the colorguard director at Riverton High School. Yesterday I had to break the news to my colorguard girls. This past year has been such an amazing experience working with these fabulous young ladies. I have grown to love each one of them and what they have to offer. I have never met a group of young ladies that are so accepting of people and love their teammates unconditionally. I will miss them so much and hope they know how much I hate leaving them. They will forever hold a special place in my heart! Every time I hear the song 'Good morning Baltimore' (yes, the song that you are listening to right now!) I will always think of them! I love you girls!!!!

Ana's "cute bob"

I was so tired of the crazy straggely hair on my childs head that I took her and got it chopped off! So if you ask her about her new hair cut she
happily replies "I got a cute bob". It really is cute on her and soooo much easier to maintain. Crazy lil rag-a-muffin!