Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our fantastic SANDBOX!

Yes that is right! I FINALLY got my sandbox! I have been begging my dad for some time now to come and help me build a sandbox for the kids. I wanted it to be a big one, not one of the cheap plastic ones that you buy from Walmart that only one kid can fit in. I wanted it to be big enough that all my kids could be in it at the same time and not touch. So my dad brought the wood over last week and me and my mom stained it. Then came the rain... ever since then the weather has been awful so we hadn't been able to have the sand delivered. Well this morning the sand came! I rounded up a couple of wheel barrows and with the help of my mother and my great neighbors Josh and Melissa, we got 7 tons of sand dumped in 2 1/2 hours! I am so thrilled with the outcome, it is beautiful and the kids have been playing in it all day! My ONLY complaint is now I have sand sprinkeled throughout the house. But you know, that is a small price to pay for the hours of fun my kids had today. Thanks dad, you are the best!!!!!

The finished product...isn't it beautiful!

My good friend and neighbor Melissa loading up the dirt, what a good friend! This is her husband Josh, they live in the house that you can see directly behind the sandbox
My wonderful Mother! She helped even though she was feeling a bit under the weather
The kids in heaven... they spent the entire day in the sand!
I asked Tae to show me how she felt about the sandbox....this is what I got. The picture says it all!


Amy said...

Oh good now Dallin and Taylor will be spending more time there than they do! Looks like tons of fun!

Ashlie & Jonathan said...

LOVE IT! Man! Hours of fun! What are you going to do first with all your "free" time? That is so awesome - great job to you all!

Nikki said...

OMIGOSH!!!! I am jealous. I would love such a huge sandbox. As I was reading your post before looking at any pictures I thought, "What the heck? 7 tons of sand? How big is this thing?!" That is so awesome. Umm... could I borrow your dad when it's time for us to build? hehehe

Tara said...

I love your sandbox!! We got rid of our sandbox and now the kids just sit around outside and are bored. They really miss the sand, hey uncle Steve, we need a sandbox too. :)
Jen, thanks so much for always checking out my blog. You are an awesome comment girl, they make me laugh. How was the girl's last day today?
hugs and kisses

Melissa said...

Those neighbors of yours are awesome!! How did you get so lucky to have such good people living near you? Didn't know that shoveling sand could make a guy look so good!