Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More finished pages

Some of you have asked which program/website I am using for my scrapbooking needs. It is from Close To My Heart's online program called Studio J. The website is and I think you need to list a consultant when you register, please list my consultant.... she is AMAZING and I HIGHLY recommend her. Her name is Karen Pedersen and her website is

This program is SO easy to use, in fact I learned how to use it by watching a few youtube video tutorials. Everything is pretty much done for you, all you have to do is drag and drop your pictures into the spaces and voila! Instant scrapbook page!

I love how this page turned out!

TaeLynn's baptism scrapbooked

I am ashamed. I am just NOW getting to scrapbooking Taelynn's baptism. She is 10, almost 11 people! Oh well, it is done now.

Girls trip scrapbooked

I know, I know.... I just posted about my girls trip, but I wanted to post the pages that I finished about the trip. I'm excited how they turned out.

Digital Scrapbooking anyone?????

Yep, that's right I have finally bit the bullet and given into technology. I have been introduced to an online scrapbooking company that does digital layouts. It is so easy and SO fun! It is from Close to my Heart, which I already love. When you order they send you Jpeg files so that you can post them online, pretty cool.
For years I have constructed beautiful layouts on paper, I have binders full of finished layouts with ZERO pictures on them. It's such a shame really. I just never print out my photos....going this route I am forced to put pictures on the pages, it's GENIUS! Over the past few days I have finished 25 two page layouts! That is crazy to me. I can't wait to receive my order in the mail. Lucky you, now I can post my pages on my blog, don't be too critical I'm just a newbie at this! Amy, aren't you so proud of me?!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some much needed R & R

This past weekend was a fantastic one! Some of my friends from my new neighborhood invited me to go with them for a girls weekend down to St. George. My friend Michele owns a town home down there and so the nine of us were able to stay there. We left on Thursday morning so we could go to the St. George temple to do a session. What a beautiful temple that is!

Outside the temple. Lisa, Michele, me and Lara.

After that we went and got some dinner at Cafe Rio, then we headed back to the town home and waited for the other half of the girls who had to leave later on Thursday, to show up.
The next day the SHOPPING fun began!!!!

This is the before shot.
When I say shopping, I mean SHOPPING!! I have never been shopping with such 'PROS' before! LOL. Our first stop was T.J max. Some of these girls were in there for 5 1/2 hours! Not kidding! I lasted about an hour and a half in that store. It just isn't one of my favorites. Some of us needed to be rejuvenated with food so we went and grabbed some lunch at Wingers and then headed to the outlet stores. It was so fun to just wander in all the different stores and try on clothes.

This is the after shot! It was crazy!
At night we just hung out and laughed....
Played practical jokes. (one of the girls told a story about her college roommate pooping in the shower and putting it in the soap dish....I know DISGUSTING!) So we thought it would be funny to put some mushed up candy bars in the shower soapdish while the others were asleep.

Pretty gross....but pretty funny.
Contrary to this picture, we really didn't sleep much, each night we went to bed between 1-3 AM.
This is what Lisa looks like at 2 in the morning. LOL
We also did facials.
Lara, Michelle and me

Lisa rockin out to music.
I walked in the room and saw EVERYONE on their phone... it was funny, I had to take a picture.
Shopping, shopping, shopping. I love hats! Tosha, Lisa, Me, Michele and Angie
Me and Tosh.
At the mall we had makeovers at the Este Lauter counter.
Me and Lisa
Nicki, Nicole and Lisa
Lara sporting an Easter headband.
Angie after her makeover.
Me during my makeover.

Seriously soooooo much fun. I feel so thankful to these wonderful Ladies that have become such dear friends. They have opened their arms up to me and I truly feel so blessed to have them in my life. Thanks girls for a fantastic weekend, and thanks Michele for setting this all up!