Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Family Gathering

On March 5 we gathered the family for a get together. A few weeks ago we received some scary news regarding my grandpa. We thought for a bit there that he didn't have long left on this earth. The day that I got that news was a pretty dark day for me. I am very close to my grandpa and am just not ready for him to not be here. Luckily other tests were done and things seem to be getting better. I don't think that he is out of the woods yet, but at least we have some more time. After all this happened my dad organized this family party. He rented out a room at the Lehi Legacy Center and arranged for a 'balloon artist' to come and make balloon figures for the kids. Everyone helped contribute to the meal and brought games and swimming suits to go swimming at the pool. Those that didn't want to swim could play basketball or just visit with family. At the end of the evening my grandpa bore his testimony and we watched a family slide show that Chris had put together. It was a great evening. Just about everyone in this picture was able to be there.

When the balloon artist got there he brought in a HUGE golfing grandpa that he made and gave to my grandpa. My grandpa LOVES to golf. It was pretty amazing!
Seriously so cute! I wish that I had taken pictures of the other things he made for the kids, he was amazing.
Here is the slideshow that Chris made....pretty dang cute.

And this one is the video footage that Chris took of the evening, that he put to music.

So happy with my knowledge that 'Families are Forever'!


Super Angie Супер Энджи said...

Oh Jenny! I'm sorry for the scare of loosing your grandpa. But WHAT AN AWESOME gathering! You have an amazing family.

Ashlie n Jonathan said...

What a FUN gathering! That is an AWESOME picture!! That was so nice of your dad! I am sure the video/slide show will be amazing...I am going to watch it in a sec. I love all the videos Chris has done with your cakes, Sienna's dance, etc. Sure miss you guys!