Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking anyone?????

Yep, that's right I have finally bit the bullet and given into technology. I have been introduced to an online scrapbooking company that does digital layouts. It is so easy and SO fun! It is from Close to my Heart, which I already love. When you order they send you Jpeg files so that you can post them online, pretty cool.
For years I have constructed beautiful layouts on paper, I have binders full of finished layouts with ZERO pictures on them. It's such a shame really. I just never print out my photos....going this route I am forced to put pictures on the pages, it's GENIUS! Over the past few days I have finished 25 two page layouts! That is crazy to me. I can't wait to receive my order in the mail. Lucky you, now I can post my pages on my blog, don't be too critical I'm just a newbie at this! Amy, aren't you so proud of me?!


janethbg said...

So darling, Jenny! Now do they send you hard copies of these pages or is it all just on the computer? You did a great job for being a newbie!

lvs2dance said...

They send you hard copies as well as sheet protectors to put them in. Thanks Auntie!

Nikki said...

You did a GORGEOUS job! Digital Scrapbooking is something I intend to learn one day. Sadly, I haven't scrapbooked any of my children's memories since the third was born. He's going to be six this summer. eek.

Trieste said...

I love these...I will have to go online and check them out. Do you have a URL so I can find them online? Also, how much are they....I guess I'll find out when I venture to the site. Let me know!