Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some of my favorites

Since my last post was kind of a downer I decided to do a post on some of my favorite things. I dunno just sounded fun. :-)

I love Sushi! Especially the Vegas roll...yum

I love fruity, chewy candies. I pick these over Chocolate, which just baffles my friend Amy
I LOVE to shop! Love it. Especially for clothes.

White roses are my favorite flower. Especially from my man.

The perfect food in my mind is POPCORN from the theater with three layers of butter. Oh how I love it!
Pebble ice. I actually call it 'Golden Ice'. This is THE BEST ice to eat. I actually crave it when I'm pregnant. It is just fabulous!

Game nights! I love playing games, especially with my family. We can get pretty competitive and I love it! FEED THE BEAR!

Yah baby. This was the first time I had ever gotten up on water ski's and I was so excited! I love to snow ski also....again not something that I am terrific at, but I just love it, especially with my hubby and our good friends the Jones'.

The happiest place on earth! I love Disneyland... it is just magical!

Date night with my sweetheart! Chris and I make it a point to go on a date night once a week. I love being able to spend one on one time with my favorite person.

Ballroom dancing. I love everything about this sport. I love watching it and I LOVE dancing it. One of my favorite times ever was when I was on the Ballroom tour team at UVU. I love being dressed in amazing dresses and dancing on stage.... such an amazing feeling!
Another favorite dish is Chicken Tikka Masala. DIVINE!

Any kind of girl scout cookie is wonderful, but a SAMOA?! Wowzers, they are good!

Last but certainly not least, FAMILY....I've got the best! Sure do love them.


Michele said...

That is so fun. I think I might have to do a post like that soon. I am glad we witnessed one of your favorite things:)

Super Angie Супер Энджи said...

Super fun post Jenny. First, LOVE the new background. dang cute. Second, Yes, SAMOAS!!! Third, my new off ice coach in Vegas is a professional ballroom dancer. So much fun learning from her. :) I think of you often when I go to her studio.

Beverly B. said...

Oh, I love Samoas too.

Hey Jenny. I'm worried about our sweet little blogging friend Satoko in Japan. I hope she is okay. I sent her an email this morning but I haven't heard back. Let me know if Sienna knows anything.

Gretchen said...


Just to let you know, it made my day when I saw the name Faisal on a card at work. Yes I do work at Cookie Cutters. :) It did make me smile indeed!!

Hope you are doing well!!


Amy said...

I know it really does baffle me the whole chewy sour candy's over chocolate, I mean really??? LOVED this friend, such a cute idea!! MISS your guts!