Friday, September 11, 2009

She has a name!

Announcing...... Kaysha Maryanne (sp?)

Last night I got to go and see my baby niece and we found out her name. Her middle name comes from both of her grandma's- Mary and Roxanne... pretty clever huh?! Sweet little Kaysha was still in the NICU so I could only see her through the window....which just about killed me! We are hoping that she gets to come out of the NICU today, if she does, you better believe that I am RACING down there to give her tons of loves!

My brother went in to hold her...he looks a little drunk here, but heck, it has been a crazy few days for him.

Here she very sad! She knows that her Auntie is close by and it is just making her so mad that she can't be in my arms!

The sweet nurse that was trying to comfort her.
Here is a cute video of my sweet little Kaysha....Auntie loves you!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My baby goes to pre-school

I can hardly believe that this day has come! Wasn't it just yesterday that he was born??? What a cute little man he is turning out to be! He is going to the same pre-school that Ana went to, it is cheap and close by and I really like the teacher Miss Liza...or as Faze calls her Swiza. He started last week and so far is really loving it!
In front of the door to pre-school

He got to make a fun crown with his name on it. He got a blue sucker (the highlight of the pre-school experience) and it turned his tongue blue.

Making his crown

Now WHAT will I do with my two hours of kidless time??? hmmm, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

I'm an AUNTIE again!!!!

That's right folks! Yesterday my brother's wife Amy had their baby and I am now the proud Auntie of a sweet little niece! We are so excited to have little baby girl (no name yet) in our family!!! As I write this my sweet niece is in the NICU with respiratory problems... please pray for our little one. I can't wait to hold her! Congratulations Ryan and Amy.So today I decided to make my sis-in-law and niece a cute car seat cover. It was so simple and turned out so cute....I am so excited to give it to them tonight!

My friend Kayla let me use her machine that did this way cute stitch on it. I love it!!! Now I want a little baby girl! SNIFF....

The day it all began...

Yep, one year ago today began the beginning of our year of........well..... you know. Things had slowly been moving down hill for a while now, but on this day it took a nose dive! Really, it has been the most difficult year of Chris and my marriage. As I reread my post from a year ago it rekindles the emotion that I had that day and throughout this past year. I only pray that we have learned whatever lessons there were to be learned and hope that we won't ever have a redo of this year.

Here's to answered prayers, finding humility, forgiving those that hurt us, realizing who your true friends are, Christmas Angels, family members who poured out love and support and discovering that we are both much stronger than we originally thought we were.
I am grateful for the trials that we have faced this past year and for the strength to overcome them. I am grateful for an eternal companion that took this journey along side me.... and through it our love strengthened. I love you Chris!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fall is in the air!!!

Isnt' that breathtaking????!!!!

I just couldn't wait any longer to change my background to a fall theme! Since tomorrow is Labor Day and officially marks the end of summer I figured it was time! For those of you that don't know me, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year. From Sept-Dec. it is just the best! The coolness in the air, the feeling of excitement due to upcoming holidays and the start of BYU football is just the best! I will probably change the background SEVERAL times over the next season. I just feel so happy and excited. SIGH. Bring on the changing of the leaves, Carmel apple cider from Starbucks
:-), and cooler nights and days. HIP HIP HOORAY!

The WEREWOLVES are out!!!

A few months ago we began a fun evening called 'Werewolf Night' in our neighborhood. Our good friends introduced us to this game and it has really become something that many look forward to. If you have never played this game I HIGHLY recommend it! I have heard that it is similar to MAFIA, which I have never played, so I don't know how accurate this comparison is. But HOLY COW! This is a great game that has really brought people in our neighborhood together. The best thing about this game is that it is perfect for groups of 8-20 people....not many games out there that can accommodate large groups.

On 'Werewolf Night' everyone brings yummy treats to share... we begin around 8:30 and go to 1 or 2 in the morning!!! People just start playing and then don't want to stop. It has helped Chris and I get to know people in our ward that we probably wouldn't know otherwise and helped new people in the ward meet others. I LOVE IT!!!

So if you are in the market for a great interactive game I HIGHLY recommend it.