Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A magical weekend inTime Square, Mary Poppins and 15 years!

Two weeks ago Chris told me what his upcoming travel schedule was and I was pretty disappointed... he would be in New York during our 15th wedding anniversary. I. Was. Bummed.
So Chris suggested that I fly out and join him over the weekend, he didn't need to ask me twice! So I arranged for the kids to stay with different friends in the neighborhood and Faze with my brother, booked my flight and off I went! 
I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous about making the trip alone... not the flying part, but the getting to the apartment once I got to NYC that scared me. So I pulled on my big girl panties and made the trek. The trip from the airport to the apartment we were staying in was supposed to take about 45 minutes... well it seems that I got off at the wrong subway exit.... and wandered aimlessly around the city until a very sweet female New Yorker literally WALKED me to my subway stop, which WASN'T close by. Hallelujah for nice people that are willing to help lost tourists! The trip from the airport took 2 hrs. and 10 min.! YIKES.

Oh well, I made it.... that's what counts. It was so good to see my man! Friday night he took me out to eat at an amazing place called Max Brenner's. It was a chocolate bar and was SO yummy, especially their dessert menu! Wow! The desserts were so beautiful and unique that I had to take pictures of it. What I would give to open a similar place here in Utah, it would be a hit!

 I LOVE this pic! This was taken on our 15th anniversary. Chris really wants to take pics like this of us wherever we travel... here's hopping to lots more pics like this!

I think he is so hot in this pic, we were waiting for our subway when I took this. I think this should be in a magazine add! LOL

I feel so lucky to have Chris as my husband. What an amazing 15 years we have had! It is incredible to believe that I love him more today than I did the day I married him (and that was a WHOLE lot of love!)

This was at dinner on our first night at Max Brenner's

Some photo's of our first night's desserts. SO AMAZING!

The next day (our actual anniversary) Chris had to wrap up a business meeting in a town called Scarsdale. I could LIVE in Scarsdale! It was such a cute, darling town. It really was an enjoyable afternoon.

While he sealed the deal, I read my book and took a pic. LOL
After we got back into the city we went for a 45 min run in Central Park. I LOVED the park, but not so much with the run.... am I EVER going to like running?! It was fun to see the park and be with Chris though.

For dinner we were limited on time, so we found a sushi bar close to the theater. Then we went to the show!

I love this picture! Look at Chris, I love that he went all goofy for it... so cute!

Waiting for the play to start.

We had box seats that were super fun! They were great seats and the show was spectacular! I am such a lucky girl!

Happy Anniversary babe, oh how I love you!

My version of us at Time Square

After the play we just HAD to go back to Max Brenner's to get some more yummy desserts! I loved it!

Our last day in New York! We traveled into Hobokon NJ so that I could make a visit to CARLOS BAKERY home of the CAKE BOSS! It was pretty surreal seeing the shop. We waited outside for about 30 minutes and then once inside we had another hour wait. It was crazy!

Some shots from inside the bakery

This is the table where Buddy does his cake consults.

Of course I HAD to get a T-shirt! We got about six different goodies to take home. Once we got to the airport I decided to open up the boxes to take some pics and unfortunately two of the cupcakes squished into one... very sad, but we ate it anyway and it was great!

For the flight home Chris had a seat in first class, so being the gentleman that he is, he gave me his seat and he took mine in coach. This is the meal that they served us. First class is pretty cool to ride in! How sweet is he that he did that?!

The next few pics are some cool pics of my sexy husband. Babe, thanks for making our anniversary so incredible. I love you more than words can say. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I look forward to what the future hold for us and our family.

Yep, He's STILL my Hottie with a Naughty Body, this pic proves it!

Here is that awesome picture one more time, but in black and white.

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I love that you had a great time:) Happy 15 years to you both!