Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 4 & 5- Disney, Beaches and Birthdays!!!

Day two at Disneyland was actually mostly spent over at California Adventure. Faze LOVED the bugs life section. Sienna and Tae were bummed because California Screamin was closed for repairs. BUT Tae went on Tower of Terror for the first time, I was so proud of her... she was so so nervous about it but in the end she said that she liked it. (Don't worry Amy, I totally yelled your name while we were falling!)
Around 3 we decided to head back over to Disneyland and finish out the day there. It was a great day!

Today was a big day for me! My birthday! I am so glad that we decided to have our vacation fall over my birthday, it made for such a great day! We decided to make today our beach day, so we spent the day at Huntington Beach, my favorite beach. We ate at one of my favorite spots in Huntington Beach- Ruby's Diner out on the pier. So yummeroo. Then we made our way to the beach. Missy's sister lives about 10 minutes from the beach so we stopped by her house and picked up her boogie boards and umbrella's. I'm so glad that we did, I was able to try body surfing on the boogie board for the first time and I LOVED IT. We literally spent HOURS out in the water. Chris rented a surf board and tried surfing, he was even able to stand up on it! It was pretty hot. :0)

We left the beach around 6 O'clock, then dropped the kids off at the hotel and headed off to dinner with my parents. A few years ago I went on a girls trip with some friends to HB and we ate at Kings seafood and I LOVEd it, so I really wanted to come there for my birthday. It didn't disappoint tonight! So yummy!
Today was an amazing day!
My favorite place, with my favorite man, doing my favorite thing! does it get any better than this? No way!

Kyler, Kade and Faze.... the best of buddies!

Tower OF Terror... she is hard to see but Tae is there, right next to me on the back row.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE my popcorn. Of course Disney does not disappoint in this department! Best. Popcorn. Ever!

My sweet little nephew, Jaxton

On my birthday with my mom!

Ana wouldn't look at the camera... not really sure why.

Holy cow, best shake ever.... Vanilla black cherry... to die for... no really! Look at Faze's face, he was so upset that he didn't get his own shake. Seriously, my kids were pretty awful today. I think someone forgot to tell them that it was my birthday and that they needed to behave! Sheesh.

Yep, she pretty much did this all day. She refused to get in the water.... teenagers.

My sweet grandpa

My bro Ryan

Tae loved body surfing as much as I did. She was so brave and was taking on the big waves with me and Chris.

My cute grandma

These next few shots are some cool shots that Chris took with his camera and then did some fancy editing.

My amazing dancing daughter, so cool with the pier as her backdrop!

A message for my man... yep it's true!

At dinner with my parents

My special birthday menu (look at the top Left hand corner)

The reason why I picked this place. I love their coconut shrimp!

Ready for my Alaskan King Crab!

My birthday present! Best gift ever!


Donna said...

So glad you had a wonderful day!! What a way to spend it! Happy day!

Bri and the Gregster said...

Was that Huntington Beach!!!??? That's one of my favorites!