Friday, September 16, 2011

Days 6 & 7, a kiss goodbye for Mickey, a long drive and an anniversary surprise!

Our last day at Disneyland.... :-(
Basically today was filled with doing all of our favorite rides one last time. We also got to see the Aladdin show, which I have always wanted to see but never made it to. It was AWESOME! The kids loved it, and so did Chris and I. Tonight we were supposed to go and see World of Color, but the idea of waiting in line to 'maybe' get a good spot to see it and then walking back to our hotel (because the shuttle would have quit running by then), and it was pretty chilly, were all reasons that all of us opted not to stay and watch it. So I took the kids to spend the last of their money and then the entire family went to eat once again at Coco's. It was a great day and I was super sad to see it end.

Did you know that if you stop by City Hall on Main street they will give you a pin for your birthday, 1st time visit, just married and just celebrating.... FOR FREE! Here is yet another reason to love this magical land! So I got a Happy Birthday pin, Faze got a '1st time' pin and the girls got a 'I'm celebrating' pin.

Tower of Terror for the 2nd time, Tae decided to sit this one out. I probably should have too... it gave me some serious chest pain, both times I did it. I really think my heart can't handle it anymore... sad.

Splash Mountain the 2nd and 3rd time. There was NO line so we had to run around and do it again!

I LOVE this time of year, especially at Disneyland! So freaking cute. I even bought a couple of darling Mickey style Halloween decorations.

Chris bought me a birthday cupcake... I have to admit, not my favorite. I'm kinda a cupcake snob and am very picky about my cupcakes and buttercream icing. If it isn't good, it just isn't worth waisting the calories on it. Oh well, it was super sweet of him!

Waiting for Aladdin show to start

Faze loved the bumper cars!

Today we got up and loaded up the van to drive home. First we stopped at Downtown Disney, I collect spoons from all the vacations we go on as a family (or a couple) and I had forgotten to pick one up. So Chris dropped me off at the entrance and I ran into the shops to buy my spoon. 
Then we drove as far as St. George and are spending the next couple of days here at my Aunt's house.
The drive home was pretty painful... the kids were restless and fighting for most of the trip and I had a pretty good headache by the time we got here. Why is it that at the end of family vacations I need another vacation, MINUS MY CHILDREN?!

Lucky for me, that is just what the doctor (husband) ordered! Chris just told me that he is going to New York for business next week and since he will be gone over our anniversary, he is flying me out there for the weekend so that we can be together! Can I even describe how excited I am??????!!!!!!!
(SHHHH! don't tell Chris, but I think that I'm a little spoiled!)


Michele said...

Your trip looks super fun! How awesome you get to go to New York! Lucky girl:) Happy Anniversary.

Bri and the Gregster said...

Last time I was at Disneyland was on my birthday too!!! I also got a pin!

Ashlie n Jonathan said...

YAY! You got a pin! AND, those are the SAME Minnie ears I have! I searched high and low as almost every store was out of them! Your pictures and trip look SO fun! You sure know how to pack it in! You are a lucky and blessed lady! I am glad you could have a nice birthday and anniversary! You deserve it Jenny Princess! Sure miss you and wish we could have some fun! :) Oh, I LOOOOVE the beach shot of Sienna dancing under the pier. SO cool!