Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 3

Today was FANTASTIC! The weather was beautiful, around 80 degrees and lines were not too bad. My kids were in heaven and so was I!

Waiting for our shuttle bus to come and get us

On the shuttle, headed to Disneyland!

One of my favorite places ever, Main street Disneyland!

I have always said that I would live on Main Street if I could, well this is the spot that I would buy.

Ana and Tae showing off their new Autograph books that my mom made for them. They are darling! I will post pics of the book later. 

The kids loved trying on hats!

I LOVE this pic of Tae in her hat of choice... so stinkin cute!

Sitting in Donald Ducks chair! Donald Duck is his FAVORITE!

He was so excited to meet Donald!

 My favorite ride, SPLASH MOUNTAIN! I was so excited to take Ana and Faze on this one since they had never been on it before. Faze saw the ride and tried to get out of it. So we told him that the ride was Whinny the Pooh and then distracted him until it was time to get on the ride. He ALMOST didn't get on, until I bribed him with a sucker and a hat and then he reluctantly agreed.

I think he liked it until the end... he has vowed never to go on this one again.

Goofy had a great time teasing Sienna. What a goofball!

Faze with his suckers and hat that he got for being brave... little did he know that he would have gotten that anyway. LOL

Today was a GREAT day and we can't wait to go back tomorrow!


Ashlie n Jonathan said...

OH I AM SOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!! SO fun!!!! I love the pics! Sienna reminds me of when I was young.....perhaps it is the long hair, or simply because I went to Disneyland with my friends often back then. You have some really fun shots and fun memories. That pic of Tae and that hat is SO funny! And, those autograph books are AMAZING!!! What a perfect and wonderful idea! I always thought it would be fun to do/have one for my girls, but the books at the store never seemed right or sorta lame. Those are AMAZING!! Brilliant idea! Anyway, I am SO glad you are having a fun time......even if you are having it without me. ;) Hehe. Enjoy So Cal! Love you, Ash

PS. If you see Sleeping Beauty, you could mention that the Richey's in Michigan say hello. You may buy yourself a few extra princess minutes. ;) Hehehe. I guess even if she isn't my friend, she would be polite and say thanks or something. Hm. Just thinkin. Are you still in So Cal? It looked like you had several days planned. So fun!! Ok. Rambling. Bye.

Michele said...

I thought about you all day yesterday. In your happy place:) Looks like it hasn't disappointed! Everyone looks like they are having so much fun...Enjoy:)