Sunday, September 4, 2011

Friends + Wake Surfing= Amazing date night!

This summer we have had the oppertunity to go out on boats with some of our friends. This year they taught me how to Wake surf and I LOVE IT! I'm not very good at it yet, but who cares! It is so stinking fun.
This past Friday the Stringham's invited a few couples to head out to the lake in the Beehive (the name of their new, YELLOW boat). We brought dinner of Jimmy John's and ate out on the lake. Everyone took turns surfing and Chris of course brought along his super nice camera. This camera is pretty amazing and can produce some awesome photo's. I am so grateful for the amazing friends that we have made in our neighborhood. Thanks so much Troy and Michele for sharing your fun toy with us!

 Michele, me and Nichole... love these girls!

 Chris taking pics of Brook out on the wake

 Michele is a PRO at surfing!

 This is Brook's boyfriend, David. David and I learned how to surf on the same trip a few weeks ago, he has improved so much since then!

 He even has WICKED wipe outs... can you believe this shot?!

 I will admit, I have gotten a lot better too. Not real crazy about this shot though... I look kinda dorky.

 Johnny is AMAZING!  This is one of my favorite shots.

 I just love my Lisa-girl! She is a blast to be with.

 Freaking amazing Nic.... pretty cool pic too!

 Ryan (Nic's husband) doing a 360... yep he did it without falling. Ryan is a king on the lake! (and according to Troy, I'm a PRINCESS...YEP THAT'S RIGHT TROY!)

 This pic is so cool! I think Ryan looks photo shopped in. I promise that he isn't!

 Troy finally getting his turn after driving the boat for everyone else.

The perfect shot to end a perfect date night! Thanks everyone for a fantastic night.

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Amy said...

That looks like SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun, way to go for getting up on the board Jenn, AWESOME!!! LOVE ya friend!!