Saturday, September 3, 2011

Analeigha's big day

My Dear Baby girl,
It seems like only yesterday that they laid you in my arms for the first time. Eight years ago you came into our family, now look at you... growing up so fast and making such important, grown up decisions. Ana, I am so proud of you! You are such a sweet little girl. You are so kind to all your friends and so dear with all your baby cousins. We love you so much! You have the best smile and laugh, it is so contagious. You bring me so much joy and happiness and I feel so grateful that Heavenly Father allowed me to be your mommy. I know that the decision you made today made your Father in Heaven so proud of you. I hope you always remember this day and how you felt. You have so many friends and family who love you and came to support you on your special day. Always remember how much your mom and dad love you. You will always be my little Beeter-Boop! I love you sweet girl.
Your mom
All dressed in white

Ana and her Danka (my dad) 

 Waiting for the program to start

 Deedee and Will. Aunt Deedee agreed to give one of the talks at the baptism.
 Tae and Chris sang a musical number. Tae sounded just like an angel, it was so sweet and dear.
 Getting ready to be baptized!
 My sweet grandpa... I just love this man.
 I have the bestest of friends. Always their to support and help in any way needed. My friends mean so much to me and today they certainly stepped up to the plate!

 The centerpieces
 I loved how the cupcake tower turned out. I made 200 mini cupcakes and a cake topper for the top of the tower. I LOVED how her cake turned out, one of my favorites. The cupcakes were so yummy, I made three different kinds- almond vanilla with salted caramel butter cream, strawberry lemonade and chocolate-chocolate chip with vanilla bean butter cream. For the luncheon we had pulled pork sandwiches and lots of various salads. We had about 70 people in our home, we have such amazing family and friends who came from near and far to support us. 

This was an amazing day but also pretty stressful for me. Actually the week leading up to it was the stressful part and I can honestly say that I'm grateful that it is over. Now I have to work on getting over the negative feelings that I'm feeling towards how things were handled in regards to planning this joyous event. 
Right now I am too tired and bothered to go into the LONG details of everything, so I will just end with AnaLeigha was a beautiful angel today!


Amy said...

I sure love you friend, and was so happy to be there fir beautiful Ana's special day!! You did an amazing job from the tasty amazing cupcakes, to the darling darling cake and decorations!! It was perfect!! And honestly Tae was my absolute favorite, shes got a beautiful sweet voice, so very talented!! And of course your mom was amazing, just live her!! Love all the pics!! Thanks for letting us be a part of this special day!!

Amy said...

Okay wow, with this new phone the autocorrect is great, ha ha!! So it's for not fir, and love your mom not live your mom:).

Ashlie n Jonathan said...

I LOVE all your pictures, ideas, your writing. I have been missing you so much. I SO SO Need to call you. If there is a good day/time this week, let me know (email or something). I stink at checking blogs, and keep wanting to check in with you/yours. I don't think it is coincidence. We will chat. .... Big hugs. I love you. Congrats to Angel Ana! She is glowing and radiant in all her pictures, and her baptism shots in her dress prior still amaze me. So so beautiful. Love ya.