Monday, September 12, 2011

Disney Vacation: Day 1 and 2

The day began at 4:45 AM! Yes that's right AM. No we are not crazy excited to get going, Chris had a triathlon at Yuba Lake and we were going to hit the race first and then meet up with my parents at the Yuba exit. The race was awesome and Chris did amazing... like usual! This was the first race that I have been able to go to one of his races and I was so happy to be there and cheer on my sexy racer.

Coming out of the water, in third place...

Taking off on his bike, finishing the bike section in third as well...

Coming in from his run and finishing the race IN THIRD! Yay baby, you rocked it!

This was a fun race because two of our good friends also were racing, Justin and Ryan. It was fun to be their cheerleaders as well.

Then it was off to Primm! We got there with zero complications and immediately headed to the pool!

Our traditional shot with me and the kids in the pool.

Love these crazy kids of mine!

The next day we woke up and ate breakfast, then loaded up the car to head out on the road. The goal was to arrive in Anaheim around 2:30 that afternoon. As we were loading things Chris mentioned that the tire looked low so he was going to head over and put some air in it. When he got back the tire looked almost completely flat. I guess there was a nail in the tire and when Chris put more air in it, the pressure of the air coming in the tire pushed the nail out and BAM the hole was unplugged and the tire was FLAT. Right about that time, my brother Ryan and his family arrived in Primm (they had spent the night in St. George). It was decided that the closest place to get a new tire was to drive BACK to Vegas and get it (reminder this is a Sunday morning). So we loaded everyone back into the two working cars and drove over to the outlet mall for everyone to hang out at while we wait for Chris and Ryan to drive and get a new tire. That was at 11 AM.

The fixed tire...

So we tried to entertain 7 little kids in the mall. Children+Mall= my LEAST favorite combination... Oh well we made the most of it and everyone remained in good spirits.

Sienna tired on shoes ;-)

At 2 PM, we were finally back on the road. About an hour into the drive Chris mentioned that the car thermostat showed that we were starting to overheat. Great. So we turned off the AC and cranked on the heater and rolled down the windows and tried to make it to the next gas station. We made it there and took a look under the hood. We couldn't find any problems... the thermostat was BURRIED in the red section, which really the car should have been dead if this was accurate, so it was determined that the gauge probably wasn't working. After speaking to my grandpa (who owned the van we were driving) he wanted us to find a mechanic shop and have it checked out. We made it to Victorville and found a pep boys that said they would do a diagnostic on it.

This is me thinking... ARE WE EVER GOING TO GET THERE?!

We arrived at Pep boys at 4:30 and just hung out in the parking lot... all 13 of us.

After an hour and a half they gave us the news that we had a faulty radiator cap that wasn't holding the pressure necessary for the gauge to read accurately. It wasn't over heating after all! What a blessing. Again we were on our way and arrived in Anaheim at 7:30 PM, a mere five ours later than we should have.

My other brother Joe had driven down the day before so he 'missed' all the fun and met us at the hotel.
Everyone was STARVING so we drove to Coco and ate a yummy meal. The kids were tired and restless so my brother gathered all the kids together and started telling them stories... this is a blurry pic but shows the cuteness of the moment, all those little boys watching my brother so attentively. It was cute.
So now we are here and anxious for the rest of the trip to have ZERO glitches from this point on!

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