Monday, June 13, 2011


Yesterday at church our lesson was on developing our talents. A great lesson and it really made me think. I wish I was 'talented' at so many things.... too many to list. I have always wished that I was a runner. It is such a great form of exercise. I always admire the friends that I have that do crazy things like run races and worse... marathons! I just don't know how people can do it and as luck would have it, I am married to the runner extraordinare! I have tried in the past to be a runner.... a few years ago, after I had Faze I actually got into the habit. I was going on a girls trip to Disneyland and I REFUSED to be the fattest girl on the trip so I started a six week running program before my trip. I lost 10 lbs, so that was rewarding, but after my trip I just lost the desire to run. So I stopped.
(oh how I wish this is how I looked while I ran)

Well the desire has arisen again. So last week I gave it a go. Again. I have to admit that it was a tiny bit easier this time around since I have been going to the gym for the past nine weeks. But it was still so hard! I ran almost 4 miles without stopping! This is huge for me. HUGE! There were so many times that I wanted to stop and walk... but I let my Glee music on my IPHONE keep me going. Especially the song 'Fat Bottom Girls'. If that isn't incentive to keep going then I don't know what is! Lol
I will say this, recovering after running is rough! Yesterday my hips were SCREAMING at me and the balls of my feet are pretty tender. But I fought through it and ran again today. I wish that I could say that I am a graceful runner and that at the end of my measly four miles I look strong... but alas, I'm pretty sure that I look like this.

Here's to developing a new talent. Wish me luck people. Wish me luck.


Nikki said...

I totally understand the desire to be a runner. I'm just not. But I really REALLY would like to be. All my runner friends are so fit, so toned! I'll be your cheering squad. Go Jenny go!!! A good plus you have is since Chris is an awesome runner himself, he can probably give you good running pointers.

P.S. I can't imagine you EVER being the fattest girl. You wouldn't ever be in the running (no pun intended) as having even a half pound too much!

Michele said...

You are so funny, I was sitting next to you in RS thinking I wish I had a useful talent like JennyLynn I.e. able to play the piano or decorate beautiful cakes etc... etc... I am not sure running is a talent. I think it more falls in the catagory of insanity! I know I look like that pic you have. Did you stalk me while I was running and take that!? :-)

Oh, Sweet!... said...

Way to go! We had the same lesson and it really does make you think! I hope you reach your goal! Good luck!