Thursday, June 9, 2011

Got Allergies?!

Allergy season is in full swing! Yikes, we can't even go outside for ten minutes without our eyes watering and itching. Ana and Tae have never really complained about allergies before this year, but man are my kids miserable! As I sit her typing this Ana is itching her eyes like crazy. Sienna has always been the worst off, but a couple of weeks ago someone brought a horse to school, I'm not sure why, but they did. Sienna knows that they bother her so she was good to stay away from it, but it was a windy day and before too long she was itching her eyes like crazy. I happened to be at the office that is two doors down from their school, so Sienna called me and told me that her eyeballs where swelling shut and that the school wanted her to go home. So she walked down to the office and when she walked in I just started laughing. My poor little daughter looked like she had just been in a fight. I have NEVER seen her eyes so swollen before. One of the perks to working in a pediatric office is having access to medical supplies and doctors! I took her back and had one of the PA's take a look at her. He pumped her up with some allergy medicine and eye drops. A few minutes later Ana came walking in the office looking just about the same way.... so we did the routine all over again. After we got home we took these pictures... this was after the medicine had been in her system for 30 minutes, so a lot of the swelling had started to go down, but you get the idea.
She just looks so miserable!

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