Saturday, June 18, 2011

Miss Lehi Pageant

For the past couple of months I have had the opportunity to work on the Miss Lehi pageant committee. For the past several years I have judged tons of pageants and have always wanted to be on a city committee and help out behind the scenes. I have such AMAZING memories from back in the day that I participated in pageants, I LOVED all of the ladies that gave of their time and served on the committee for the the Miss Pleasant Grove pageant. I truly looked forward to our weekly workshops and to this day am so grateful to those women that gave me confidence to pursue my dream/goals. Because of this I have wanted to give back and maybe help another girl have the same positive experience. Cedar Hills does not have a pageant so when we moved here I googled it on the internet to find out who the pageant director was for this city and then asked if I could help in any way.
I was put in charge of the Children's Miracle Network fundraiser. This program was very new to me. Back in my day we didn't have fundraisers and platform issues. So I had to learn pretty quick what all that was. Basically I had to set up ways for the contestants to raise money that we then donated to the Children's Miracle Network charity. Evidently, now in order to compete, each contestant must raise $100 towards the charity. It's a pretty cool idea I think.
Last Saturday was the pageant and the four days leading up to that I was at the high school each night helping set up back stage, helping with dress rehearsals etc... I also was a 'hostess' for one of the contestants, which means I have her backstage helper on the night of the pageant. My contestant was Jayden and she was AMAZING. Talk about a sweet and talented young lady!
This is Jayden in her evening gown, boy can this girl sing!
All the pictures I took turned out blurry, but one of my committee friends took these and I stole them from her blog (thanks Natalie!).
Boy did this experience take me back! So many memories came racing back to me. I really loved this time in my life and really miss it. I have considered going back and competing in a 'Mrs.' pageant, I have even looked into the requirements. I would love to have an excuse to buy and evening gown and practice my pageant wave again! (elbow, elbow, wrist, The bottom line is after having four kids, the thought of the swimsuit competition freaks me out! Who knows, maybe I'll get brave and try for it next year.
P.s. Surprisingly Jayden didn't place, but she did win the talent portion. I begged her to come back next year, telling her that I didn't win on my first pageant either. She said that she would, I really could see this girl as a future Miss Utah....ya, she is that good!


BreAnn said...

You would do so well in a Mrs. pageant! You should totally do it!

Super Angie Супер Энджи said...

Jayden was our babysitter when we lived in Lehi. We made a short film and cast her as our lead. We LOVE her and have both her CDs. She is amazing and comes from a great family. This made my day to see her. Thanks!