Thursday, June 30, 2011

Best block party ever!

One of the things that I love about our neighborhood is the Block Party at the 4th of July! We have been coming to the block party for about six or seven years and have always looked forward to it. Now that we live here it is so much more fun to come to. Our friends the Lindsey's started this tradition and it has really grown into a huge event. Steve is in a band and he builds a stage on his front yard that the band plays live music on. There are bounce houses and bbq's lining the street, and food galore, then at the end of the night we have a HUGE firework show. This year's fireworks were crazy amazing! Since they made arial fireworks legal this year we had an awesome show.
 All of my brothers and their families came this year.

 Me and my good friend Jodi, oh how I love this girl!
 My sweet niece Addie, she thought the band's music was too loud.
 My nephew Ty hates getting his picture taken!
 The Bowen Family. Such amazing friends!
 John did NOT want his pic taken.... too bad John!
 Jason sitting back and just chilling
 I have so many great friends in this neighborhood! Just love this Dani girl!
 Carol, Melanie and me.
My running mentor Melanie. This girl is awesome!

 Dani, Carol, Melanie, me and Angie.
 One of the three bounce houses that were there. Faze loved this one.

 Troy.... being Troy. LOL
 He was supposed to take a picture of Me, Michele and Nic but took some of himself instead. Nice.

 Another bounce house... more geared to the grown ups. This was a blast!
 Lisa of course challenged me to a duel. I forget who one.... probably her. :-)

 A shot of the band on the stage.
As usual we had a great time! My kids said that it was the most fun they have had at the block party. So grateful to live in such an amazing neighborhood! Thanks to the Lindsey's for all the planning and efforts that they went to to make this a huge success!

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