Sunday, June 5, 2011

GO KARTS...aka crazy drivers!

Last night Chris and I went with some couples from our street to race go-karts. What a freaking fun time we had! If you have never done that then I highly recommend it. Those little buggers can go so fast....dangerously fast. We decided to race girls against girls and boys against boys. I was flying along, overtaking a few competitors in my quest to be in first when up from behind, my friend Carol hit me just right and sent me spinning out of control into the wall. I have never been in a car accident before, so this was a new sensation for me. I'm pretty sure that I have whiplash! But it was a blast and I'm so glad that we went. After racing we went to The Dodo to eat... yum! Before you put on the helmets you had to put on some type of headwear... Melanie is modeling hers.
Now Stephanie had to model it...cute. LOL
Jeremy had to jump at the chance to relive his youth. He is like 6'7, so it was pretty funny to see him sitting on this kids toy.

If you didn't want to purchase one of the AWESOME black hat covers then they had some sexy lunch lady hair nets that you could wear. They were pretty sweet. NOT.
Me and Steph, pre helmets.
Me and Nichole
Right before the ladies raced.
Yep, Chris can even ROCK a helmet. Hot stuff!
Carol- the craziest driver ever, she is the one that caused my awesome spin out!

All the girls looking at our race speeds and placements.... due to my crash, I came in last! :-(
Now it's the guys turn.
Ryan getting ready to zoom off.
My hottie hubby. I have to say, he was the SLOWEST driver of us all, I think he was lapped at least four times!
All the girls. Melanie, Carol (sorry for cutting your head off), Nichole, Stephanie and me.

The grand champs! Jeff and Melanie were the WINNERS! They were also the only ones who have done this before so I think that had a slight advantage over everyone.
So glad that we were able to spend time with our awesome friends! Next time we are going to do indoor surfing! I can't wait!!!