Thursday, May 21, 2009

The sweet plea of a child

I know, St. Patty's day was MONTHS ago....but this just HAD to be posted about. The kids learned at school about the leprechaun named Lucky and even made pictures of him. Well the night of St. Patricks day they put their shoes out on the front porch hoping to get some gold in them. This is what they found the next morning...the best kind of gold, CHOCOLATE!
This is the picture that Ana drew of Lucky.Here is the most touching part. After the kids went to bed, I went outside to see the shoes that they had lined up and found this darling little trap that Taelynn made to catch our Leprechaun. She had this note taped to the front of it. It read (in her exact words and spelling)

"We beleiv in you. lisen we are strugling my dad is trying to find a job will you help us plece. if you do thank you so much, love you."

Is that not the most sweetest thing ever. After I read this my eyes filled with tears. How sweet and dear is my sweet daughter that she asked Lucky to help her dad find a job. Can you see why I just had to post this?!

This is how the kids had the porch all set up and ready to go. Although we did not catch Lucky in the act, he left us with some yummy treasures. Thank you Tae for thinking about others and being such a sweet little girl. I love you and am grateful of your selfless example.


Rhett and Tiffanie Jackson said... don't remotely know me, but I stubbled upon your blog thru Karen's (I am a CTMH junkie) :) anyway...I started reading your blog (which i love by the are a great mom!) and read your post about "Because nice matters"....I just had to comment about that. I am working on some Personal Progress things for our Youth Etiquette Dinner and found this perfect quote for you..."Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are. ~Author Unknown" .... I thought that was great! I hope you don't mind my blog lurking. Good luck with all you do...sounds like you have a fabulous life (no matter what you face!) I am clapping for you.
Tiffanie J.

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

Oh, that is the sweetest thing ever!

Golden chocolate...yum!