Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A 'DOG-GONE' great birthday!

Faisal had such a great day yesterday. To start he had one of his favorite things for breakfast, doughnuts! I wanted to do a dog themed party for him so we invited four of his friends from the ward and had such a fun little party. Here are a TON of pictures from the festivities.
He got right into the dog eating theme during breakfast! LOL

The front door and front porch were covered in dog looked so cute!

This was my HUGE task.....the doggy cake! It had a few minor errors (like trying to tip over!) but overall I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Best of all Faze LOVED it, it was hard to keep him from touching it.

You can't tell in this picture, but he really loves it!
A view from the front

There's a happy face!

These were the easy and so cute! I just used four suckers and taped them together, then I wrapped white tissue paper around them to form a bone.

These were the 'Doggy Bags'. I got some cute dog bowls and filled them with that chex mix stuff that is covered in chocolate and powdered sugar, it really did look like doggy chow.

These were the tags that I attached to the 'Doggy Bags', they looked so cute!
Since I wasn't serving the Dog cake at the party I made each child their own dog cake. I just got those individual angel food cakes and frosted them, piped on a name and filled them with coco puffs cereal.

When the guests arrived they were given their dog collar, a set of doggy ears and we painted their faces to look like a was so stinkin cute. Some of our doggies opted not to wear their make up....oh well, that is three year olds for ya!

Faisal displaying his attire, minus his make up. He hated his collar and promptly yanked it off after I took this picture. Lil stinker!
I loved this shot of cute is my boy?!

We had a little lunch for the 'doggies'. I made PB & J sandwiches shaped like bones, goldfish crackers, apples and punch. What a cute dog he is!

A shot of the 'bone' sandwiches
All the kids eating their lunch.

Our front door sign was also used to play 'pin the collar tag on the collar'. The kids seemed to have fun playing it. AFter playing this we went out side and all the kids were given bubbles to play with.

A shot of the "dog pound". L-R Emma, Kade, Faisal, Mya, Dash, Dallin (not pictured) Kason.

PRESENT TIME! Faze got some really fun gifts from his friends. Thanks everyone!

Opening the gift from his grandma...

He was SOOOO excited about his gift! He has playing with it non-stop!

And of course a video of the birthday boy and his birthday song! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAISAL!!


Ashlie n Jonathan said...

WHAT A PARTY!!!!!! WOW!!!!! You are amazing! Sounds like a huge success and a ton of fun! Glad to see you're back!!!! =)

Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

So cute.. Cambria turns 5 & I'm having her birthday next week.. Got any cute ideas...

Trieste said...

You are toooo creative and cute! I love the dog party...I might have to copy your ideas someday...if we ever have a boy that is (or if one of the girls wants one I guess). Nice to see you back blogging again!

Amy said...

You did such a good job Jenn, LOVED everything and the kids had a blast. You are one creative little lady you know. Glad your back to blogging, I've missed you!

amyseely2003 said...

Kade had a great time...thanks for inviting him!

RBS said...

How dang cute!!!!!!!I love you so much Faisal, you are my darling one.
Love gma

Tara said...

OH my stinkin' cuteness!! You get the mom of the year award for that one!
Happy Birthday Faisal!!!

Deedee said...

Jen, That is so creative!! I can
t believe how darling this all turned out!!

BriAnne said...

Super fun & creative, I'm so impressed... and so is Ethan! He's sitting on my lap giggling at all of the puppy stuff, and practically drooling over the cake! Happy b-day Faisal!

Momza said...

WOOF!! that's dog lingo for "FANTASTIC" presentation!
No wonder their smiles are so wide!

Love the new family pic on the top!
SO darn cute! welcome back!

Chelsea said...

SO awesome! I want to be you when I grow up! Did you ever present you ideas to the Quilted Bear?

sadie said...

WHERE do you come up with these idea's jenn?!? goodness sake! i wish i were as creative as you, your kids are lucky to have such a great mom like you. you have such a fun imagination!

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

what a super cute party! You are so fabulous!