Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another year has come and gone and we have once again survived a year of school. YIPPEE! Now its time for summer! The kids had a great last day of school. Sienna went to an all day, all night party at her friends house and had just a rockin time I'm sure. It is tradition that I always take pictures of the kids on the front porch and with their teachers on the last day of school, but this year I had to work, so I asked Sienna to do it for me....she did a great job, except she forgot to take one of her! Tae and her teacher Mrs. Phillips....we LOVED her, she was just amazing!

Ana and Mrs. Powell, we also LOVED her....she was equally amazing. I feel so lucky that they got such wonderful teachers this year. Sienna's class had kind of a crazy year, they had THREE teachers throughout the year. She loved the teacher that she had from September-December, Mrs. Mabry. But then she moved and they had a different teacher, who got fired (not sure why, they were very hush hush about it) then she had Miss Mott, whom she also loved. PHEW, I am glad that the car pooling is on hiatus for a few months. BRING ON SUMMER!

Some of Sienna's 'friends'...I guess she is a little popular with the male gender. Oh geez, help me now.


Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

Hip Hip HOrray for Summer!

sadie said...

bahaha! you should hire me to be sienna's "watch" looks like she's already got them boys wrapped around her finger! she's such a darling girl! I miss you and your family alot! invite me over! i'll even help you clean up the peacock costume feathers and junk like that ;) love you jenny!