Monday, May 18, 2009

On the day you were born!

This was written by Chis three years ago today and I thought it would be fun to post it on our blog.

It is 10:26 AM and here I sit, still amazed, with what is before my eyes...a baby boy. Wow. Being so used to referring to everything around the household according to the female use of language: ahhh, your dress is so cute, or, what lovely hair you I must adjust. Seriously though, we are so fortunate and grateful for a healthy son and for Jenny delivering without complication.

4/16/06 1:30 PM- Mt. Timpanogos Women's Health Center
Claudia (CNM) checks Jen. 80 percent effaced and dilated to a 3. Claudia says that she believes that this will be the final checkup and that the baby is due any day now. Jenny hopes that Claudia is right as the contractions now are quite strong.
4 AM - In Bed
Jen spends the night writhing in bed as contractions intensify. Jen turns and squeezes me with each contraction. We are thinking that today is the day.

12:00 Noon - Afternoon Walk
We take a walk to get the contractions going closer. We last for 20 minutes walking in the sun and return home. Jen takes a nap.

4 PM - Mall Walk with Roxanne
After waking up frustrated Jen calls her mother to see if she wants to going walking at the mall, in the air conditioning. They take off and I stay at home with the girls and prepare dinner.
6 PM - Phone Call
I call Jen to see how she feels. She says that the contractions are now close enough and that the pain is still intense. She wants to leave for the hospital after she gets home and has some dinner.
7:30 PM - Off for the Hospital
We have our final meal as a family of five. Jen grips the table every three minutes as the contractions become more intense. We finish eating and the girls get their bags. Ana packs some interesting clothes. I fail to notice that she is wearing mismatching shoes and that both shoes are on the wrong feet. We drop the girls off at grandma's.

7:45 PM - Hospital Checkin
Jenny gets checked in and we are placed in a room for monitoring. Jenny is checked again and has dilated to a five, 90 percent effaced. We watch American Idol as we wait for confirmation from staff. Hospital staff confirm that they are going to keep us. The baby will be delivered.

8:30 PM - Moved to Labor & Delivery Room
The room is prepped and we settle in. The contractions are even more intense. I have never seen Jenny in this kind of pain before with the other three pregnancies. American Idol continues to offer a nice distraction to the labor pains. Good bye Elliott Yamin.

8:45 PM - Unbearable Pain
The pain is unbearable now. Jen says that it is difficult to breathe through the contractions. The wait for the anesthesiologist is over. I am told that it is required for me to stand facing away from the injection of the needle. Last week there was a husband that passed out during the administration of an IV. The epidural kicks in and Jen immediately relaxes.

9:00 PM - Progress
Contractions are two minutes apart. The nurse checks and finds that Jen is now dilated fully. There are four persons total checked in at the same time, all at various stages of labor and delivery. We wait for a natural delivery to complete in order for Jen to begin.

11:50 PM - Delivery Begins
The natural delivery finishes and Katherine (CNM) steps in and we begin the final stage. Jenny pushes, relaxes and pushes. The baby gradually slides down and back with each push. Jenny feels intense pressure now as the baby is in the canal. The pain is back. I worry that she might give up as she shows extreme discomfort and her energy level has dropped significantly. We encourage her on.

May 18, 2006
12:13 AM - Delivered
A baby boy, red, lots of dark hair, a small cry, a meek voice. Tears come for us as we are amazed with what has come. He is healthy. Jen has made it. We are grateful. Calls to family and friends begin.

Truly little man, this was such a wonderful day for all of us! I am not one that finds out the gender of the baby while I am pregnant, so we were COMPLETELY surprised to find out that you were a boy. Oh how we love you and feel so blessed to have you in our family! I thank Heavenly Father everyday for letting me be your mom. We love you little Faze!


Chelsea said...

That is so cute! What a fun memory for that handsome little man of yours! Thanks for posting this!! (And yay for updates!! It's been a while!!!)

Steve Seely said...

We all were so thrilled with the arrival of this little spirit. He has added something so special to our family and we are so grateful to have him. I love you my little faze!!!!!!!

Bri and the Gregster said...

Yeah you posted!!! Yeah happy birthday!!! But I have a problem... My phone thought with this lovely weather we had today it would take a dip in the toilet! unfortunantly it passed on! Now dont panic i took my brothers old phone and was able to transfer my number over!!! but, since my dead phone wont revive I have lost ALL my numbers! ALL OF THEM! So, the phone lady gave me some tricks to try to get it to revive but if not I'm a helpless numberless woman! So, this is where you come in! I need your number... Sad I dont have it memorised i know, but if it makes you feel better I dont even know my own house number! That was also lost in the tragic dive! Sooo... If you could make some kind of contact... a text would do just fine, I would appreciate it! Oh and I miss you super duper mucho much!!!!

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...


Karen said...

What a sweet story and an even sweeter boy. Happy Birthday, Faze. I feel like I know you through your mommy's stories!

sadie said...

aww jenny that's precious! you look beautiful even after giving birth! Tell faze happy birthday for me!!!!

jenn said...

How wonderful that Chris wrote those things down- I love hearing Daddy perspectives!!