Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An answer to our prayers

For the past six months Chris has been ACTIVELY searching for a new job. His current employer was having major cash flow problems and basically quit paying him in December. Needles to say things have been VERY tense and tight at our house. He was putting his resume out to anywhere and everywhere, he was making it to final rounds of interviews only to be told no.
It finally came down to me going out and looking for a job. So good news number one. I found a job! A great job that I really enjoy. I am working at a Pediatric doctors office. It feels so good to be contributing to the family income, and it is a great outlet for me to just get out of the house for a bit. The first two weeks in May consisted of me training in my new job. I love the people that I work with, they are all such great ladies! The only headache is making arrangements for the kids while I am working.
So good news number two.... Chris had some really great interviews two weeks ago. Both with companies that he would really enjoy working for. Every night when we say our family prayers the kids would always pray that Daddy would find a job. Well my sweet babies prayers were FINALLY answered!!!! An offer was extended and Chris very happily accepted!!! Words can not express the relief and gratitude that we both feel at this time. It truly could not have come at a better time. We feel so blessed that the Lord has helped us along the horrible journey. We also are so thankful to the countless family and friends that have stepped in and offer assistance in numerous ways. We are so grateful to all of you and hope to someday return the favor to someone in need.
I have learned so much through this experience. My faith has been tested to it's limits and just when I felt the most despair and felt like I truly could not keep going, He was there to lift my burden and help me make it through this tough time.
The day that we found out about Chris getting the job, I was driving home from work and it had been a really bad day for me. I just broke down on the drive home, to the point that I could hardly see the road in front of me I was crying so hard. I was so upset about what had happened at work and so bitter that I HAD to work and so discouraged about our financial situation.....everything just came to a head. So on the way home I just told the Lord that I COULD NOT do this anymore and begged him to give me strength. I got home and just sat in the driveway to try and compose myself, I wanted to be strong for Chris' sake and didn't want him to see that I was having a breakdown. After a few minutes I got out and went to the door, it was locked, so I rang the door bell and waited for him to answer it. When Chris opened the door he had the silliest look on his face and I just knew that he had heard back from one of the companies. I said to him "you better have some good news for me" and then I just lost it. He just held me in his arms and we both just cried for a long time. It was the best moment and one that I will never forget. It isn't very often that I get an almost INSTANT answer to my prayers.
Like I said, I have learned so much over the past six months and I hope that I NEVER have to relive this experience.


Anderson's in Europe! said...

yay congrats chris!! im so glad everything is working out for you!! congrats!!!!

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. What a strong woman you are! Congrats to Chris. I know your family has been in the thoughts of many--ours included.

On totally other news...can't wait for prom! lol

Donna said...

So happy for you guys!! Jen - are you still working? Either way, we need to do some play dates this summer! My girls would LOVE it!

Ashlie n Jonathan said...

I love the leprechaun letter and the children's faith. They believe in more than leprechauns, and you can be so proud of that. That was really sweet.

Hmmm...being baby hungry. I guess I tried to contribute to the non-expecting and non-pregnant blogs for you. ;) You are so lucky to have family close. I haven't seen my niece and nephew for over 2 years!! Eat the squishy little ones you can get your kisses on. Perhaps you DO want another do have a darn cute recipe.....but remember, babies turn into teenagers. ;) Enjoy those as work as much as you can, and you can pretend they are yours.....get your fix and then go home and enjoy restful nights and consecutive sleep. ;) Haha.

What a tender story you shared. CONGRATULATIONS to you both and to your family. What company is he working with? How does he like it so far? Did things go better at work for you after the bad day? I hope so. Wish I could bring you dinner and a wicked treat. We are happy for you and look forward to more updates. Thanks for sharing.

Tara said...

Oh Jen, I am so so happy for you!! I love you. And I know that all experience are for our good. Thank you for sharing your experience and I know I have been uplifted by it.

jenn said...

Hooray for Chris!! And your family!

I've learned that the lower the lows the higher the highs and ultimately they are worth it even if they make us breakdown in tears while driving home. Thanks for sharing because it helps me remember my own experiences which somehow we forget.

SO happy for you!

BreAnn said...

I am sooo happy for you!!! I'm glad that your prayers have been answered and I totally admire you for your strength! My husband didn't have a job for the first four months we were married and I thought I was going to lose it, so you're definitely a lot stronger than I!

muggins mahooney said...

Let me just wipe away my tears so that I can type something here...Okay good. I'm so happy for your family. Over the last 7 or so months our family has been going through the same struggles. Sean has had employment, but his overtime hours had been cut down, and now they are completely cut. I had just come home from working in June, but I went back to work in October to help out. I do Kohls at night and TA at Pony Express Elementary during the day.
Now I'm working as close to full time as I can to help us get through this somehow. Sean is also looking for a part time job as well.
I'm so glad to hear some good news on your front. What a blessed relief for you and your family. I can only imagine your happiness at Chris being able to find a job. I just wish people would start building houses again for Sean's company's sake. I pray everyday that I will have the capacity to bear the burdens of working so much, church calling and most importantly being a mom.

The Hartungs said...

congrats Chris and Jenny! I'm glad we have a Father who listens to the prayers of our hearts

sadie said...

your faith and testimony touches me more than anyone elses! i truely admire you jenny, if you ever need someone to come "play" with your kids while ya work don't ever hesitate to call me, i'd be more than willin to help you guys out and watch your kids. I love you so much!!!