Sunday, September 21, 2008


So as many of you know, it has been a tough few weeks for me and I have been really struggling with keeping myself upbeat. It is sometimes so hard to go through trials, and I have really HATED this experience and just kept wishing that it would end. I kept telling myself that it couldn't get any worse and then low and behold it would! I would get a mean spirited email from a former student or co-worker that was written with the intent to do nothing but cause me hurt and pain. My gut instinct was to react in a not very Christ like way and to some extent I am still tempted to do just that. Through all this, my mom has been such a great support...actually my entire family has been. My husband has been my shoulder to cry on during countless nights of endless tears. Even my brothers have called and asked what their names were so that they could go and beat them up. :-)
My mom wrote a post on her blog that was so sweet and kind and through her post, others have posted comments that have helped me so much. One in particular really hit home for me, it was a comment by Heidi. If any of you reading this post has ever gone through a really tough trial and ever wondered why this was happening to you then I invite you to read it... maybe it will help you like it helped me. Here is her blog address, the post was entitled Choosing the Right.


Heidi Ashworth said...

Jen, I am so humbled, really! I feel honored that you would choose to share anything that I have said. Mostly, I feel so grateful that anything I have done was a blessing to someone I don't even know yet but love, because your blood is my blood. I wish I knew you! I love to dance, too! The next time I am in Utah,I will have to be sure to meet you and your cutie-patootie kiddios!

Amy said...

Wow, I loved Heidi's advice, I have never looked at it that way. I hope that you are feeling better about things. I ran into Chris today, it was good to chat a minute, you know he is a true gentlemen, he helped me and Mya through the rain with my grocery cart, what a stud.

Can't wait to see you tonight.

Super Angie said... are an amazing person! HUGS!

sadie said...

ahh hang in there! thanks for the comments jenny your so sweet, i'll have to get more pictures, my dress wasn't all that spectacular, but it was great. your so funny. i wanna hear this speach! i'm really being a good girl i promise, heck tanner is headed off on his mission within months. we're good kids :) isn't he so good looking? ahh love him. haha thanks again jenn!

p.s. i changed my blog address because the whole sadie-life crap was gay. haha so i did my name. sorry to change it on ya! it won't change anymore.