Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The best day EVER!

Twelve years ago today I made the best decision of my life...I married not only my best friend, but the HOTTEST guy on the planet! How lucky I feel that someone as wonderful as Chris actually wanted to marry me!
So here we are 12 years and four children later....I can honestly say that I love him so much more than I did the day that I married him. Chris is such a wonderful supportive husband, he has ALWAYS supported me in whatever I wanted to do and he is such a great provider for our family.
Tonight we had a fun evening just us, NO kiddo's! My mom came and watched the kids (thanks mom) and Chris and I went out to eat at Spaghetti Factory (we had a gift card!) and then we decided to go to the dollar show (yum, popcorn!) and saw Get Smart, which was soooo funny! It was nice just to spend time alone with my man!
Babe, thanks for giving me four beautiful children and the best 12 years of my life....I feel so lucky to spend the rest of eternity with you! I love you babe!!!

Yeah for kissing pictures!

After 12 years of love from each other

This was our engagement picture and wedding announcements....we look like such young babies! LOL

The first picture of us as a married couple

I loved my dress! That train was so beautiful, but soooooo heavy!

MR. GQ...otherwise know as my cute new hubby

Chris and I doing what I love to do best.....KISSING!

Our wedding line, I loved how all the colors looked together...hey, I had been planning what I wanted my wedding colors to look like for years.

These are my grandpa was the sealer for our wedding. We also chose to get married on the same day that they were married, it is so neat to share our special day with two of my life hero's. BTW- I LOVED my bouquet, but that sucker weighed about 15lbs., my arms were dead by the end of the night.


Bri and the Gregster said...

Yeah Happy 12 years!!!! Hey didn't he seal me too!!!! and you two still look like babies!

Tara said...

Happy Anniversay!! Wow, I can't believe it's been 12 years already. There has been so much that has happened between then and now, it seems like forever ago. You guys are still so cute and you both look very young still!!
Hey, didn't he seal me too!! :)
Love you!

Amy said...

Okay it's so not fair that you guys look younger now than you did 12 years ago. Happy Happy day to you guys!!! I love all the pics, you guys are seriously not only the hottest little couple ever, but you're the sweetest and nicest too. Thanks for always being such a great great friend. Sure do love ya.

Court n Chad said...

Happy Anniversary! I love seeing all the pictures, you two are so cute! Oh, and I must be awful too... happy late birthday too, hope it was a blast!

Amberly said...

Happy Anniversary! What were you guys 12 when you were married?? Too funny. I love the pics.

Super Angie said...

Happy Anniversary! What fun pictures to share with us the hairstyles, fashion and colors...ah, the good old days, right? So neat that your grandpa was able to seal you.

Do your kids get grossed out by your favorite thing? (kissing)

Stubbs said...

Hey I put your blog as Jenny Lou Freebush. Is that alright? 12 years that's awesome! I've been married for 1 year....and 2 months... I'm catching up.

Katy said...

Yay!! I loved looking at all of your pictures. You guys seriously look hardly any different than the day you were married! So adorable :)

Super Angie said...

got your comment...yes, lets go together tomorrow to the meeting and the salad me!

Dancin Queen said...

Happy Anniversary! What a sweet post--I love the story of your grandparents. Very poignant. Have a great day!

Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

Wow! I just love the pictures!! Don't know why I didn't catch this the other day. Anyway, you two are just as cute as ever.. I think you are even HOTTER now! I love the dress.. I loved mine too!!! We had good taste!! Oh, but you are a year ahead of us.. we had 11 this year... Can't wait for 12.. Especially if we keep aging backwards like you two.. Thanks for the park fun & letting Cambria have a sister for a day. she loved every second!! Maybe sometime, they can have a sleepover here.. okay. Talk To You Laters

Donna said...

I can't believe its been 12 years for you and for us. I really hope that we can take that trip next summer together! Thanks for your call today. Its nice to know someone else understands ... just wish you didn't!! You and Chris haven't changed as much as Steve and I ... check out Steve in that group shot ... holy moly he's changed! I love the memory lane mixed in with the current.

dancing is just me said...

mom! i have a new blog!
luv sienna!

dancing is just me said...

mom you are a sick person that i love!

nic and krista said...

i miss chris's superman hair!!!

Ashlie n Jonathan said...

SO super cute! SO SO not fair that you 2 only look young and more beautiful than ever NOW! Sheesh. Happy Anniversary! And to think I knew you as "newlyweds" ...hahaha! I was hoping I could click and enlarge these such luck. HA. I just glanced to the left and saw someone wrote a similar comment....I really thought it first. ;) Glad it was a fun day!

Oh yeah, cute daddy daughter date pics. I totally remember those with my Dad and they are some of my favorite memories! Tae will LOVE those when she is older!