Sunday, September 21, 2008

Me and 'GYM' :0(

So I posted this comment on a friends blog and decided that it was definitely post worthy, so here it is! I recommitted myself to the insane asylum (aka gym) last week! It was pretty close to our 1 year anniversary (it had been a year since I had BEEN to the gym!) and I thought that it was only fitting that I spend it with 'gym'. He and I have a love/hate relationship and for a year now it has been in the hating phase. But the other day I took a look in the mirror at my naked butt, started dry heaving (sorry to be so graphic, but were friends, you can handle it :-) and decided that I needed to rekindle 'gym' and mine relationship. So I am back on the wagon (or treadmill) and recommitted to keeping 'gym' a daily (or at least every OTHER day) part of my life. SIGH.... goodbye cottage cheese!
Seriously though, I was so down in the dumps that my hubby (who has had an ongoing love affair with 'gym' for about six years) suggested that I go. I finally relented and it actually made me feel so much better. Today my gluteous maximus (sp?) is screaming at me, so I just yelled back at it "This is for your own simmer down down there!"
So it has been two weeks since I recommitted myself and so far so good, I have visited 'gym' every other day. I have found that nap time is the best time to go, Chris stays home with Faze and I head off to see 'gym'.
Here's to not having to suck in my gut just to do up my pants!!


sadie said...

alright jenny you are so freakin funny! like seriously i love you, you should probably take me with...i love how your like half my size and you complain about your "cottege cheese" oh boy. your silly..haha love you!

Tara said...

Enjoy the relationship. I have really been enjoying visiting "gym" lately too. It's a good stress reliever and I am usually a much better mom and wife after our visits.
Love you!
We'll be there in two weeks.:) Yay!!

Donna said...

Proud of you! I'm supposed to be going 3-4 times a week and I didn't go ONCE last week. I can only go at night when Steve is home and last week was just bad!

You commented on my blog, when can we get together today? Huh? Did you just mean when can we get together? We're pretty flexible. You and I should get together while most of the kids are at school and scrapbook or something!

Super Angie said...

WAY TO GO JENNY! Its great that you are going, even if it sucks at times. Keep it up honey!

Nikki said...

You're are so stinking funny Jenny! Kudos to you for sticking with it. I'm inspired.

Bri and the Gregster said...

I'm so jealous!!!!! I want to have a date with Gym! Greg keeps begging that we get passes! So I told him maybe for Christmas!