Sunday, September 21, 2008

Broken laptop

Yes, that is right! My wonderful children broke my laptop! Faze loves to pop the keys off and normally we just pop them back on, but a few keys got lost, so the keyboard was missing four keys, then the other night Ana was playing a game and got mad and hit the least that is what the kids have told us, Chris and I were not in the room when it happened. At any rate, it appears like she cracked the inside of the screen....AAAUUUUGGGGHHHH! Can I tell you how sick I am of our kids breaking our things???!!!! Our house is looking so ghetto due to our children, we have so many things that are broken, stained etc,, heck we even have holes in the walls were kids threw toys down the stairs and the toy punctured the wall. In several areas we have ruined carpet where Faisal decided to dump fingernail polish. Hopefully we don't need to sell our home anytime soon, because no one would want this dump!
A few years ago, my parents remodeled their home and bought all new furniture and I used to complain about the fact that they wouldn't buy new things when we were living I know why, because children destroy EVERYTHING!
So my laptop is in the shop, which means that I can't post any pictures until it is out...dang! I have some WAY cute pictures to post to, maybe I can figure out how to download them to Chris'... shhhhhh, don't tell Chris, he blames me for the laptop getting broken, so he would be mad if he knew that I was posting this blog from his computer. :0)

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Donna said...

Steve always refused to buy new stuff or paint for the same reason! But he broke down last year and bought my new couches for Christmas. : ) Now that we have no kids spitting up or in diapers, its getting better. They also know not to eat in the living room and usually do well with it. Now I just want to paint! If Steve would go away for a business trip, he just might find rooms painted when he came back! : )