Monday, September 22, 2008

Ma ma I'm a big boy now!!!!

The most amazing thing happened this weekend! I was getting Faze ready for his bath and he pointed to his diaper and said "Pee Pee" and then pointed to the toilet. I asked him if he wanted to go pee pee on the big potty and he said "yes" so I put him on not knowing what would happen. Well the boy actually went potty! Not only that, but he has done it about five times since then. Is my two year old actually trying to potty train? I have heard nightmares about potty training boys, can it really be this simple? I hurried and grabbed the camera and took these darling pictures, which I'm sure 15 years from now he will be so upset that I took these. Oh well, I just couldn't resist! Keep your fingers crossed for us that this wasn't just a fluke!!!!


Bri and the Gregster said...

These just happen to be the cutest pictures in the world! I love it! Yeah for the big boy potty!

Tara said...

Keep up the good work Faze!! It's not a fluke, just go with it, don't put diapers on him anymore and he will do a great job. He may have some accidents, but just think, no more diapers!!! That's a really good feeling and hey, you just got a raise (diapers are so expensive)

RBS said...

My tiny little baby is growing up. What a dear brilliant child he is. Faisal grandma loves you so much and is so proud of her little man.
Gaa Gaa

Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

I love the pics.. you gotta take them while they're young.. They really start to change in many ways and my boys wouldn't appreciate it now... I think I'd get in trouble!! Way to go.. hang on to those! You know that slide shows and movies are really popular at weddings now days!! It'll be hilarious and she (the wife) will see it again that night, so no worries!

Super Angie said...

YEA! I wish that would happen with Tan. Since she was 13 months old, she has been saying, "GO POTTY" and demanding that we take her to the bathroom. But she won't go... bah humbug!

heather said...

yay!! we tried with MM a few months ago and it worked for #2 a few times, but now she's deathly afraid of the we're taking a break until she's ready. good for him!!