Friday, June 27, 2008

Roastn' weenies up the canyon

For family night we decided to seek out some cooler weather so we headed up the canyon with our friends the Thompson's. We brought along hot dogs and marshmallows to roast and make s'mores. It felt so nice in the cooler air. We had such a good relaxing time. The Thompson's live behind us and have become such dear friends to us. It is so fun to have someone so close to hang out with. Our favorite is to put the kids to bed then meet up at one of our homes to play games, watch a movie, or have dessert. I have ALWAYS wanted to have a next door neighbor that we can hang with and now we have it...what a blessing (especially when one of us needs to borrow an egg, LOL)!
I have been inspired by one of my new blogging friends Bekki to be more creative with my photo taking skills. I wish you could all visit her blog (sorry it is private now) because she takes such awesome pictures!!! So I tried to be creative while taking pictures up the canyon... Here is my attempt.
We really take for granted our wonderful canyon...we literally live one minute from the entrance to the canyon and we hardly ever go up there. We even have a season pass to go up there without the fee and still we do not take advantage of it. This is definitely something that we need to work on.

Faze loves to pose, he caulks his head to the side like this and says "cheeeese"
I love this picture, for those of you that know Faze, he can get into all sorts of trouble. This pic looks like he is the most innocent child around. And just look at those baby blues.
How many marshmallow can you fit in your mouth?
The kids mistakenly wore flip-flops... look at those FILTHY feet!

This is Emma, Faze's little friend....he just LOVES Emma!
Kissin on the mama

All the kids

Melissa and Emma
The Thompson's


Bekki said...

what a nice compliment and great pictures! So, what is hot for you? We are hitting 113 these days. ;o)

Super Angie said...

Great family fun and fab pictures!!

Amy said...

I LOVE the family pic of you guys! DARLING!! Looks like lots of fun. Ok, so lets plan our next little get togehter soon, this makes me want to get all the kids and us together. Hope you're having fun at the parade today.

Ashlie & Jonathan said...

SUPER cute and super fun! Love all your posts!!!!

nic and krista said...

we wish more than anything that we lived so close to such a nice canyon. after a year and a half of being away we miss the mountains.

Anonymous said...

okay so I'm not logged in - so I'm sending an anonymous....great pics...makes us want to go too! the basement is so close as you can tell.. so much fun to be had!! Really hope to get together soon for some fun! Bathroom is being finished by Brett this exciting!! Love the pics!! Even though we're blocks apart.. it feels like miles sometimes! Hope you are enjoying the summer and we'll see you soon.. Family bike ride sometime.. down to the river.. just an idea... kirstin

Donna said...

Its crazy how close we live to the canyon and how little we use it! I want to go up in August sometime. We may even get ambitious and take the girls camping for ONE night. : ) We both love the comfort of bed, but roasting marshmallows and eating a breakfast around the campfire are the best!

Wadleys said...

Great pics Jen! I love the pics of Faze he does look so innocent, such a cute little guy!