Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dance mania

Were off to see the Wizard....or so it appeared on Friday night. The girls had their dance concerts this weekend. Because the studio is so large they have to have three separate concerts, so Tae's concert was on Friday night. For the first half of the concert they did the production 'The Wizard of Oz', Tae was a red munchkin...too cute! I was so impressed with the costumes and especially the scenery. The studio went all out and did a fantastic job!!! This year their studio director is celebrating her 40th year anniversary. This is the same place that I took dance for many years when I was younger, so it was fun to see Miss Janet be honored by her students past and present.

For the second part of the concert each of the classes did one more dance. Tae's class did a dance to "Uptown Girl", I know that I am biased, but I really think that Tae has got so much talent with this sport. She did so amazing! We are so proud of how far she has come with this. I remember that she used to cry and not dare to go on stage and now she is front and center with her routines with a huge smile on her face, just shakin her cute little booty. She has enjoyed dance so much this year that she has decided to tryout for a competition team next week.

Sienna is on a competition team, so her concert was Saturday night. All the competition teams performed their routines at this concert. Sienna was in five dances and of course did amazing! It was a long concert though....there were 42 numbers!!! Needless to say that Faze did NOT enjoy the evening and spent most of the time running in the hallways. Oh well.

All the dancer got a cute trophy after the concert was over...Tae was very excited to begin her trophy collection, Sienna has about 12 right now and Tae has always been envious and wanted one, so now her collection begins!


Amy said...

Ohhhhh they look so dang adorable. I seriously can't wait until Mya starts dance. How fun for you, although 42 numbers would about put me over the edge, wow that's a bit much. I'll call you tomorrow ok, love ya.

Amy said...

BTW- Tell Chris Happy Father's Day would ya. Ok so I'm sitting here at work and actually am bored, yah that's a first so I'm checking my blogs like 15 times thinking that there's going to be something new everytime, yah right.

I have to say I am way proud of you for being so good to update, I just love it and love seeing all the fun things that you guys do. Toodles!

Super Angie said...

Cute photos! Your girls are darling! What studio do they dance at?

Bri and the Gregster said...

Ahhh jen they are way to cute!!! look at Tae shake her thing! She's so amazing, and so young!!!! i'm super excited that she got a trophy! You have the cutest kids! i hope that one day i have super cute kids like you!!!

RBS said...

I so love my little grandbabies. Girls you are the bomb and I love you both so very much.
Love your gma.

Super Angie said...

Jenny...anytime you want to go climbing, let me know--seriously! I am mostly always available, so let me know when. I can take you indoors--its easier and I think more fun.

Donna said...

I'm glad they are doing so well in dance. Tae good luck with tryouts for team! I'm sure you'll do great! Congrats mom on raising such cute kids.

It was fun to get together. Glad you guys could come over. We'd love to do it again after we get back from Italy - I think we are booked out until we leave. And as for Barcelona ... seriously, start saving and planning for it. It would be nice to go in Sept/Oct but if not, we can adjust and go earlier!

Amberly said...

I can't believe how cute your girls are! Love it! I love my pic on your blog! Ugh. Those were fun times.
I still joke with Sean about Shamu. He just rolls his eyes. So since I'm a new blogger I can't figure out how to reply to your comments. How do I do it?

Tara said...

It was so fun to see Tae in her little costume!! And of course Sienna looks awesome as well! Wish lived closer to come and see the dancing live.
We are excited to see you soon.
Loves and kisses

Bekki said...

cute pictures! I am going private- I thought of you and wanted to pass on my email in case you want an invite. tolman6 at gmail dot com