Friday, June 27, 2008

Floating down the creek

Chris bought some fun tubes from Costco and decided to take the fam to a nearby park that has a small creek in it. The creek is perfect for kids to wade in and ride their tubes down the creek. Even Faze rode on a tube by himself. What a fun way to cool off on a hot day!

video video video


Court n Chad said...

Wow, Jen, when you said you had a lot to post once you found your cables, you weren't kidding! Looks like you're all having a fun Summer!

Super Angie said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't even think about using that park and creek for this. I'm gonna get us some of those and go down there...maybe we can race ya!

Amy said...

Okay, lets take the kids sometime this week and do it again, who knew to take tubes down that. You are such a smarty pants Jen, love ya!

Donna said...

Is this the creek by my parents house? I guess I should try it with mine! Wonder if I'll have time before Italy ... : ) Not likely, but I'll try! Missed you at our party last night - it was a blast!

lvs2dance said...

Donna, Yep that is the park. It is way fun! Sorry about missing your was one of those crazy stories that began with locking the keys in the car and ended with the BMW dealership coming out that night (that is the only time frame that they were available to come out) to open the door.

Anderson's in Europe! said...

hey beautiful! your children are gorgeous! sienna is so growed up! i remmeber her runnin around in pigtails and a mini colorguard uniform!!! anywho, wanted to stop by and say "HIYA!" so yeah... are you still teaching at UVSC??