Thursday, June 5, 2008

Primary presidency

About six months ago I was given one of the hardest callings ever....1st counselor in the primary presidency.

I have served in the relief society presidency and that was a cake walk compared to this. We have a huge primary and I am really struggling to find the joy in my calling. At times I feel like we are the ward babysitters so that everyone else can attend their meetings and I find myself missing my RS lessons and the spiritual part of church. So I figure that there is something that I am supposed to learn here. There are some very sweet kids in our primary and I need to focus on them and their sweet spirits instead of the few kids that are being irreverant. Clearly there is a reason why the Lord feels like I am supposed to be in this calling...I guess he didn't get my memo about wanting to be the camp director. LOL


Amy said...

You are perfect for the job if I can say so. You do such an amazing job at whatever calling, job, or thing that you do, you little overachiever you. Love your guts!

Nikki said...

I am so grateful for our Primary Presidency. I once overheard the last president tell her counselors, "We need to remember, that we are the source of all gospel knowledge to some of these kids. Some of them do not have FHE and gospel discussions at home. We need to teach them as if they've never heard it before." Our current presidency is just as wonderful. I am so grateful for a presidency that loves and prays for the kids. I'm sure you do an excellent job.

Tara said...

There are reasons for all things. And sometimes you may feel that you are going to get burned because of all the "refiners fire" you are going through :) Even if it's hard, you will be a much better person because of the experience, if that's possible :)
The Lord will truly bless you to feel at peace and to love your calling.

Tara said...

I meant that you are already such a great person, it seems quite impossible to become better, but it could happen :)

Melissa said...

There is no way I could do this without you. Having you as my 1st counselor makes it bearable for me. You are a superstar in my book...just keep the fingers out of the pits!! Love Ya!!