Thursday, June 12, 2008

A last hoopla

We had our end of the year party with our Riverton girls last week. It was sooooo much fun to hang out with 'my girls' one last time. These are seriously some of the best girls that I have ever taught! They all came to my house and we ate, played games, watched a FANTASTIC video that Greg (Bri's hubby) made, and handed out gifts. The girls made me a super sweet scrapbook that had pictures and letters from each of them expressing their love and thanks to me. It means so much to me, they wrote some very wonderful sentiments. I just love these girls and will miss them so much!!! Most of the girls spent the night and we had fun talking about our favorite memories from the past year. We had so many great memories together and MANY 'in the vault' moments that hopefully will remain locked up until I am long gone!!! ;-)

Brianna and Allison
Me, Amanda and Megan
Lexi and Allison (BFF'S)
Bri, Ashley and Heather (not sure what she is doing on this one...)

Mylee and Ariel
Allison looking at the scrapbook that they made for me

Ariel, Mindi, Heather and 'Hess'

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