Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last day of school!

Well it has almost been a week since school got out and I figured it was time to post about it. So summer has officially begun! NO MORE HOMEWORK! Yay.

Since I did not get the kids yearbooks (I'm sorry but I really feel like that is a treat reserved for Jr. High and High school), I got each of the girls a white t-shirt for all of their classmates to sign. They really liked that. Taelynn's teacher was Miss Litchford and Sienna had Mrs. Lawler. Both of the girls had WONDERFUL teachers that they both just loved! Both of their teachers went above and beyond for my girls and I feel so lucky that they got the teachers that they did.

Tae and Miss Litchford

Sienna and Mrs. Lawler

Sienna, Ragan and Car-car, Her good friends

Tae wearing her t-shirt that her classmates signed


Tara said...

Yippee to no homework!!! I hear you on that one!!
Can't wait to see you guys this summer!

Amberly said...

I can't believe how big your kids are! So exciting. They are all adorable. It is weird to see you with a boy since I never knew him. Crazy! Thanks for leaving a comment. It is good to hear from you after all these years.

Christina said...

I think my sisters had ms. litchford when they went to grovecrest! at least I think i recognize the name