Tuesday, May 31, 2011


For Faisal's 5th birthday I decided to do a superhero themed party. I was SO excited for this party. I had found so many fun things and made some cute stuff to go along with the theme.
In my head I had a vision of how I wanted everything to look, I just had to find how to make it all happen. Starting with the invites! I kept going back and forth on either doing a superhero or pirate themed party. When I found these invites it made the decision for was EXACTLY what I had in my mind. I found these on Etsy, it was a kit you could buy and they were all matchy matchy and personalized. So I got invites, thank you cards, address labels, water bottle labels, happy birthday banner, cupcake toppers, goodie bag labels and sucker super hero's (see below). I LOVED the characters that were used... it was exactly what I wanted, they were darling. I sent the gal the info that I wanted written on the invite and picture that I wanted used and BAM! It was that easy!
I got some small manilla envelopes and found the 'top secret' logo online which I printed onto my envelopes. Notice the cute address label :-)
The thank you cards! Gotta get those sent out....
Now for the fun part, the decorating! Always one of my favorite parts. I seriously would love going into a party planning business, so so fun!
We served the superhero's lunch. This was the lunch table. I LOVE how the banner turned out that I made.
The 'Super Sweet' table. I tried to get foods that were in the color scheme of the party red, blue, yellow and green.

'Kryptonite' rock suckers! These were a huge hit!
Super pop rocks! I was pretty excited that they were packaged in my color scheme.

I made green and blue 'mother goose popcorn'. So yummy!

These turned out so stinkin cute! Superhero suckers anyone?!
A closer shot of the lunch buffet.
Strawberries, grapes....
green and red jello jiggelers and PB&J sandwiches.

another shot of the birthday banner.
These were the take home 'goodie bags' filled with blue and green popcorn.
Cupcake toppers, these turned out so cute!

Seriously the cutest water bottle labels ever!
The cape crusaders!
Practicing their 'super' flying.
Eating lunch. This was supposed to happen out on the lawn, but it was just too chilly.
I blew this little guy up and had it laminated. It was on the front door as guest arrived and then doubled as a game for "pin the star on the superhero"
Playing the game.

Opening presents!

I found some darling blue and red capes online for CHEAP! Cheaper than I could make them, so I bought one for each child and then cut out white fabric stars that I stitched onto the back of the cape. Then I printed our superhero out on iron on sheets of paper and ironed the image onto the star. After the guests arrived I sent them on a treasure hunt and at the end of the hunt they found their capes and superhero masks that they then decorated. They looked so cute!
Our cute little Mya modeling off her outfit.

Faisal loves his cape. He wears it all the time!
At the end of the party he was ZAPPED! It was an awesome day for my sweet little man. Happy birthday buddy boy! Your momma sure loves you.

My baby turns 5!

I can hardly believe that my Fazey is 5. Where has the time gone? For his birthday we hung out as a family. That evening we went to a new place in Provo called Provo Beach Resort and then out to dinner. What a blast it was! If you haven't been to the Beach Resort then I highly recommend it, although it is kinda pricey.5 years old and so BIG!
He got this crown in Pre-School and insisted on wearing it all day long, he's the birthday boy so we let him.

Present time!!!
He was SO EXCITED to get his WII games.

The girls did the ropes course and had a blast.

The younger two were too short to go on the ropes course so they went to the kiddie playground.
We also enjoyed a game of croquette golf, kinda like miniature golf.... pretty fun.

Posing on a surf board

Fun in the arcade.

He was hesitant at first but after some force he went on the merry-go-round and of course... LOVED IT!
Finally off to dinner at Malawi's Pizza, YUMMY!