Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ballroom Tryouts

Today was a long day. Sienna decided a few months ago that she wanted to tryout for the BYU youth ballroom team. Well today was the day! This past week she got together with the partner that she was going to tryout with, his name is Scotty. It was crazy being back on that campus, so many memories. She rehearsed in a dance room that Chris and I took a Folk dance class in when we were first married. Now my oldest was dancing in there.... where has the time gone?!
I was SHOCKED with how many kids were there trying out, well over 100! There were two teams that they were filling, each team has eight couples. That means that there were only 16 females that would make it onto a team. Not very good odds. There were so many great dancers, it really blew me away with how much talent was in that room.
Sienna was pretty nervous and excited, so was i.
We were about an hour early so that the kids could have time to practice. Unfortunately her partner was also dancing with another girl, so they had to share him. I felt like the other girl was being a 'partner hog' and Sienna is so quiet and shy she wouldn't go and interrupt them. I finally told her to ask one of her other friends to practice with her. His name was Harrison and he was on the BYU youth team last year. I think in the long run it was probably a blessing in disguise. Just frustrating that they had been practicing all week and just like that she had no partner.
Sienna was pretty flustered too. I had to calm her down and remind her that she just needed to relax and HAVE FUN and that it didn't matter if she made it or not. It seemed to help her.

It was a long, long day. Luckily Sienna was in one of the first groups to perform. She did AWESOME! I was so proud of her. No matter what the outcome is, I am so proud that she had the courage to tryout. We find out on Wednesday if she made the team.... keep your fingers crossed for us!

Scotty, Ingram (his other partner) and Sienna
She didn't want me to take this picture, hahaha too bad!
Lucky number 105....hopefully
Practicing with Scotty

This was just a portion of the amount of kids that were trying out. YIKES!
Lining up in numerical order, about to face the judges.
Partner #2- Harrison
Playing 'hand wars' to pass the time until it was their turn

Last minute instructions before heading into the judges
On deck
Afterwards we went to the infamous creamery for some yum yum ice cream!


Super Angie Супер Энджи said...

Oh my gosh! This is soooo exciting. Crossing fingers!

jenn said...

Good luck to Sienna- though you should know results by now. Did she post on her blog?! I'll have to check.

I've missed so many posts. I'm just out of the blog world. I'm actually out of a lot of things. Congrats on getting to the gym and seeing results. Sorry for the rude people. Disneyland is exciting! Kindergarten is exciting too and maybe school will help with the other things Faisal is dealing with.

Miss you friend.