Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Etiquette??? Or lack there of

Like I said in my previous post, I have been spending a portion of each day in the gym. I mentioned some of what I love about going to the gym, like the smell.... I know strange. It doesn't smell like sweat but instead it reminds me of bike tires, which I love.
Well, some things that I really can't stand about the gym are some of the people! Seriously, I don't know what it is with some of the people there. They think that they own all the equipment and they actually participate in 'saving' the weight machines. What?! How do you 'save' a weight machine? You either are using it or your not.
I was on the step machine (it had only been on it about 20 min) and a lady came up to me and demanded to know "how much longer are you going to be on this?" She didn't say it nicely, she was rude! I was so caught off guard I just starred at her for what seemed like forever.
I would never act like that to someone on a piece of equipment (or off equipment for that matter). I would patiently wait, just like I always do and then jump on after the person was done.
There have many MANY times that I have gone to use a machine and someone says "I'm using that", I look over and they are using a weight machine close by. What?! I don't care if you are in the middle of doing a circuit, you don't get to call dibs on four different machines at once. It's just rude. Period. The end.
It drives me bonkers!
Rude people in general make me crazy! It seems like I have to deal with rude people at work ALL the time. I don't get it. I was raised to be polite and kind ALL THE TIME, why do some people feel like they have the right to be rude and unkind to people? Rude people suck.


Super Angie Супер Энджи said...

Jenny, if you want, you are welcome to use my gym equipment in the basement of our Cedar Hills house. call or email me. I'm serious!

Trieste said...

We went to Costco last night and let me tell you, there were some extremely rude people there too! My girls were waiting to get a sample of ice cream, they were excited about it and a woman, very rudely, says "Excuse me...I am trying to get by." She didn't even say it nicely once and give us the chance to get out of her way. Rude, rude, rude...c'mon, they are kids waiting for ice cream!

amyseely2003 said...

what gym do you go to?

Katy Ives said...

Do you go to golds? I used to go there, and I always felt like half of the people there were just there to show off how hot they are! I started working out at the new PG rec, and I haven't come across any rude people like I used to...

Michele said...

I am telling you sister- Legacy Center is calling your name:) Sorry about the rudeness. I guess we never know what is going on in their lives to make them act the way they do.