Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My baby turns 5!

I can hardly believe that my Fazey is 5. Where has the time gone? For his birthday we hung out as a family. That evening we went to a new place in Provo called Provo Beach Resort and then out to dinner. What a blast it was! If you haven't been to the Beach Resort then I highly recommend it, although it is kinda pricey.5 years old and so BIG!
He got this crown in Pre-School and insisted on wearing it all day long, he's the birthday boy so we let him.

Present time!!!
He was SO EXCITED to get his WII games.

The girls did the ropes course and had a blast.

The younger two were too short to go on the ropes course so they went to the kiddie playground.
We also enjoyed a game of croquette golf, kinda like miniature golf.... pretty fun.

Posing on a surf board

Fun in the arcade.

He was hesitant at first but after some force he went on the merry-go-round and of course... LOVED IT!
Finally off to dinner at Malawi's Pizza, YUMMY!

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