Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our weekend in Pineview!

We got home today from a fabulous weekend of camping with our dear friends up at Pineview Reservoir. This has become an annual tradition in our neighborhood, this was the third year that we have gone and we honestly look forward to it every year. This year certainly didn't disappoint! 

The days were filled with playing at the beach, boating, wake boarding, tubing, crafting, game playing, sand volleyball playing, friend playing, swimming, sun bathing and junk food eating. The nights were filled with, campfire sitting, marshmallow roasting, Werewolf playing, and just enjoying each others company. 

We truly feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends in our neighborhood, they are AMAZING people, some of the best we have ever lived by. As I sit here typing I am reminded from my aching body, just how much fun we had on the water. I tried wake boarding and ACTUALLY got up and skied around for a few minutes before crashing. I was so proud of Faisal and Ana. Faze tried tubing and LOVED it, Ana tried water skiing and was not so in love with it. I'm just so proud that they tried it. Sienna and Tae ate it up tubing and knee boarding. We were in a different campsite this year because our normal site was already booked, the new site had an awesome sand volleyball court that the kids LOVED hanging out at, not only playing volleyball but also playing in the sand. The water was pretty high this year so there wasn't much of a beach, so it was pretty cool that they had another sandy area to play in. Warning! Lot's of pictures!

 Here is a video I took of Ana skiing for her first time!


Dani said...

Those are darling pictures!! I am going to need copies- do you share?!

Thanks for a great weekend. I adore you.

The Barton's said...

Wow...looks like a blast!

Michele said...

Good Friends, Good Times, Good Memories! Thanks for sharing:)

Super Angie Супер Энджи said...

Super Super Fun!!!

Amy said...

Love it Jenn, looks like tons of fun!!!