Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My first 5k!!!!

Many of you have asked about my first 5k race ever that happened three weeks ago. Truth. I have been wanting to post the pics along with this post, but Chris took them on his camera and when he takes pics he does them in raw format (no idea what that means) and he has to edit them before they are post-able. I have begged and pleaded with him to please just edit one or two, but as you can see this post has ZERO pics on it. This was such a HUGE event and I felt like it needed to be documented so I am posting it before I forget my thoughts on this event. (Babe, PLEASE edit some pics for me. PLEASE.)

The morning of the race I woke up before my alarm went off... at 5:30! I was so excited/nervous. I met my friend Jody and my friend Kenzi (from work) at the race site. It was a chilly morning, but I was ready! I thought that Chris was going to just wait for me at the finish line taking pictures of me, but as the race was about to start he informed me that he was going to be racing along side me with his camera in hand so that he could video tape the experience. I thought it was sweet of him, but I was also bummed that I would have anyone waiting for me to cross the finish line. Oh well.

Then just like that the horn sounded and the race began. It was a pretty good course, with only one was a pretty steep hill, but not too hard surprisingly. I felt pretty good until the last half mile, but then the queasiness feeling started hitting me and I really had to talk myself out of walking. I knew that I was pushing myself harder then I do when I normally run. I looked over at Chris and said "right about now I could use some words of encouragement!" I also told him that he better not be video-tapping anything that jiggles!

Me and Jody pretty much kept up with each other and as we turned the last corner and saw the finish line we both just started sprinting. It was awesome!

My personal best time to run that distance was 39 minutes, so my goal was to beat that time. I was really hoping to do it in 36 minutes.... as I crossed the finish line I looked up at the clock and saw the numbers 34.21 min!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was shocked and excited and then I just wanted to throw up! LOL
Once that feeling left I was pumped! I am very proud of my little accomplishment. I haven't signed up for another race yet, but I hope to do one or two more before the summer ends.
It feels pretty cool to have earned my own 'racing shirt' (the name my kids call all of Chris' race shirts that he gets when he enters a race, they use them as night shirts to sleep in). I also got a participation medal... I just might frame that bad boy.
Hopefully someday I will post the pics!


janethbg said...

That's awesome, Jenny! I'm so proud of you! I think I could run one, but not that fast! You did great, I can't wait to see the pics! Love you.

Michele said...

You are awesome. Now you know what a runner's high is! Go runner girl:)

Amy said...

I forgot that you were doing that, way proud of you friend. I wish you could send some of that runner's motivation my way, oh how I loathe running!!! Ha ha!


Tara said...

So proud! Congrats!!