Saturday, July 2, 2011

I must be crazy, my new purchase and illness

I did something yesterday that I have always wanted to do, but never had the confidence to try..... I SIGNED UP FOR A 5K! wow, I never thought I would say that sentence in reference to myself. But alas, it is true! I will be running my first 5k race one week from today! This is HUGE people. The registration place was at a running store and while I was in there filling out my paperwork I started looking at the wall of running shoes. Chris has told me for a few weeks now that I needed some decent running shoes and I have been fighting wanting to spend the money on them. While I was in the store the clerk asked me if he could do a fitting on me, he did and then told me about some foot problems that he can see that I have that some decent shoes could fix. I have had some pain in my knee and hips while I run and the clerk said that a decent shoe could fix that. 
So I broke down and bought a pair....
I'm not gonna lie, I was really hoping to get a pair of pink ones, but those were another hundred dollars, so I settled for these bad boys.
This morning I went for my daily run, excited to try them out. Everything went great except for one thing, the flu bug has been going around our house and it appears that today was my day to catch it. In the middle of my run I almost had an accident (and had to really concentrate to make it home to the bathroom) and had to cut my run a bit short. Luckily I made it home, but oh man, am I a mess right now. I've got stomach pain, head pain, joint aches and the big D. Pretty much I am MISERABLE!
But hey! At least I have some great running shoes! The light from my laptop is killing my eyes so I think that I will head my sick self up to bed. BLAH!


Michele said...

Good for you! You go runner girl:) Feel better soon:(

CM said...

Welcome to that prized circle that not too many have been privileged to grace - aka the Runners Circle of...

Trouser chili
Nestle's Splat
Runner's Trots

Excited to cheer you on. I knew you could do it!