Monday, August 31, 2009

Pineview camping #2 a.k.a STRIKE TWO

Due to the fact that the first trip was A: so cold and B: Chris was only really there on the last day, we decided to give it another go. Our friends the Lindsey's were going to the exact same campsite the following weekend and invited us to come. We were supposed to go from Friday- Sunday. I had to work until 5:30 on Friday so Chris said that he would get off work early and head up there by 2pm. Well as luck would have it, he didn't get home until right before I did (I got off a little early and was home by 5). NOTHING was packed. I mean NOTHING. I was very frustrated because it was an hour and ten minutes away and I did not want to set up camp in the dark. The entire time I kept trying to push the though out of my head that I DID NOT want to go. Sienna didn't want to go either and wasn't putting on her happy face, so pretty much her and I were in a sour mood. We finally hit the highway by 6:30 and got to the campsite at dusk, we knew that if we hurried then we could set up our tents before dark. We got our tents set up just as the sun dipped behind the clouds and then the winds started. The weekend before we had a night of tornado like gusts so I knew what the wind was capable of doing. We decided to move both of our tents into an area that was more enclosed by trees to help with the wind factor.

By the time we re-located our tent and our friends tent it was close to ten, windy, cold and me and the kids were tired, so we went to bed. At about one-0-clock the thunder and lightning started and then the drizzle of the rain began. I had put the rain tarp over the tent when we first set up the tent but forgot to put it on when we moved the tent. Of course in my head I thought that it was on, so I just buried myself into my bag so that the thunder wasn't so loud. Then the rain picked up and was pouring. I reached over to make sure that Faze was covered and felt his bag wet on top, then I felt mine and it was wet on top. It was then that I realized that the tarp was not over our tent. I woke up Chris and we ran out into the rain to cover the tent. Drenching ourselves in the process. From that point on I could not get warm. The girls were asleep in a different tent and I worried about them waking up and freaking out due to the loud thunder and lightning. It poured all night. I froze all night. We learned that our tents are NOT waterproof and there was actually rivers running under our cots....luckily we had cots or we would have been drenched. I woke up at about 7 to hear our friends say that they were already packed and headed home, I guess their 25 year old tent wasn't water proof either and everyone and everything was soaked! After I spotted the rivers I announced to Chris that we were done as well. Chris made us breakfast in the rain and as soon as it let up we packed our bags and headed home.
Notice that there are NO pictures from this trip, we were there barely 12 hours. It was MISERABLE!!!
P.S. I woke up to find my cell phone laying in one of the puddles in our tent. Nice. A dead phone. Just what this trip needed to finish it off.


Karen said...

This sounds like a story to laught about years later. Not now!

Amy said...

Oh Jenny, I am so so sorry about this trip!!!! Blah for the rain!

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

Ugh! I agree with Karen though...sometime in the might laugh about this trip.