Monday, August 31, 2009

Camping in Pineview....#1 a.k.a STRIKE ONE

For the past several years it has been our family's tradition to go camping up at Pineview Reservoir. Sometimes we go with family members and sometimes we go with our friends, this year we went with our friends the Barnes and Murpheys. The trip started out not so great....Faze and Chris were sick so they did not join us for the first three days, so it was just me and the girls. I was pretty proud of myself being capable of setting up camp all by myself.
The first few days had not so great weather, in fact it was down right cold and of course I did not pack anything that was warm enough so I had to make a trip into town and buy the kids some warm clothes. Other than the lack of my husbands presence we had a great (cold) time hanging out with our great friends. We just LOVE camping at Pineview!
We even rented a jet ski and pulled the kids behind on tubes, Faze just loved riding on the jet ski...I was surprised that he didn't freak out on it.

Taelynn and her good friend Taylor...they just love playing together.

Taelynn is such a ham! Her and Taylor and Izzy made up this hilarious "top five" things that are soooo important and they recited them to us complete with actions and hilarious facial expressions.
1- To eat at Red Robin- 'Red Robin.....YUM"
2- To be Greek
3- To sit in a chair
4- To drive a car
I can't remember the 5th one. I know that this might not seem funny but to watch the three of them recite them so animated just made everyone laugh.

I thought that this was a darling pic of all the kids- minus faze and mya

loved this pic of our good friends Jake and Amy

eating watermelon...well none for me, that stuff can kill ya!

playing at the beach! The beach was literally 20 yards from our campsite.

Good times for the kids!

Jake and I have a brother/sister type relationship.....just gotta love him.

It got so cold that we had to hunker down in our tent and just play games for the afternoon. Hard life, I know.

the three amigos!

Crazy girls!
Thanks guys for the great memories!


jenn said...

I don't know where Pineview is but it looks beautiful! Glad the first trip was a good one. Sorry the second was a bust. I think camping is a lot of work so when it pours and you went to all that trouble for 12 hours of misery... well, I'm sorry, but I have to say that I'm glad it was you and not me!! Hope you've warmed up!!

Amy said... so great of memories! Love all the pics and love ya even more. Call me when you get a sec!

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

What a great trip. Love the pic of the kids (minus Mya and Faze).