Monday, August 3, 2009

mirror mirror on the wall, who is the BRAVEST of them all....I AM!

HISTORY.... When I was 19 I pierced my ears for the FIRST time. I know, I was WAYYY old, but my mom is NOT a fan of ear piercing, so I just never got it done when I was younger. At the time I was on the Ballroom team at UVSC and I felt like it would be better to have pierced ears for ballroom dancing purposes, so I went with my best friend Brook and took the plunge. It hurt. I cried (yes for real). Three months later, they were infected and grew in. I never re pierced them. End of story... until now.
Sienna got her ears pierced back in November for her birthday and I was tempted to re-pierce them then, but with Chris' job in upheaval I resisted.
A few weeks ago I told my two friends Amy and Kristin that I wanted to get them re-pierced, they JUMPED on it and we planned our night out with a trip to Sizzler for dinner and then to the mall. Here are some pictures from the crazy event. Oh so nervous!

Picking out my studs, they had to be perfect since they will be in my ears for the next six months.

Us at dinner before getting them pierced

This was right BEFORE.... having second thoughts.....oh so scary!

I insisted that two girls pierce them at the same time...what a chicken. Right before she pierced them I asked "what happens if the earring gets stuck in the gun thingy" the girls said it won't get stuck...well guess what?! Yep, it got stuck! This was me screaming "it's stuck...get it off!" The girl actually told me to stop making such a ruckus!
Looking at my freshly pierced ears for the first time!
After the tears had been wiped away....a happy girl! LOL
Bravery at it's finest!!!!


Amy said...

And it was so so fun!!! You were such a brave little girl, hee hee! Love ya and can't wait for this weekend!

RBS said...

Oh my word! Sis, if it was so traumatic why on earth did you go through with it. Geeze louise...Well you know how I feel about it but it doesn't change the way I feel about you my little 'sissy'. I love you lots and lots!

Noelle said...

You make me laugh! :) Congrats!

Michelle said...

Too bad we never went on a choir tour together. I always ended up dying someone's hair and piercing ears on those tours...mine included. I could have done yours for you!! :) Good times.

BreAnn said...

High five! What a brave girl! ;)

Ashlie n Jonathan said...

YAY a new post and YAY for you for being brave! They are pretty studs and you dazzle them. Nice.

LOVE the birthday cake....yeah, I'd say it turned out "alright"....SHEESH GIRL....How do you even MAKE a cake like that?! It is FABULOUS!!!! Fun party! Can you email me that website? Cute cute stuff! My life has to be "dirt cheap" share! =) Happy Birthday to

Chelsea said...

Very nice! I love that it got stuck after they told you it wouldn't. Hahah :) Guess you should listen to your intuition.

jenn said...

you are so funny... I mean- so BRAVE!! Glad you had good support!

Oh, Sweet!... said...

You are a hoot! I love your story! I know Amy and Kristen from my cedar hills ward. We only lived there for about 7 months while we waited to get into our home. Small world! How fun! The princess party looked like a lot of fun too! Good to see you doing well. You are as beautiful as ever!