Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"A dream is a wish your heart makes"

Yes girls, dreams do come true! Ever since I got married I have WISHED for the chance to go to prom and to go to prom with the most good looking guys in town... my hubby! Well in June the opportunity presented itself and lucky for me, my hubby was willing to accept the date. A local school was having a fundraiser called "second chance prom". I know, I know this was TWO months ago, but life has been so crazy that I STILL have not blogged about it and wanted to document this momentous occasion. We managed to convince some of our friends that they should participate in this event with us (thanks guys!)
I wanted to have the FULL prom experience, so me and some of the girls in our prom group went dress shopping. None of us had much money to spend on such frivolities so we needed to be thrifty. I LOVED this part! It is sooooo much fun to try on fancy dresses. Last year when I was judging a pageant I fell in love with one of the evening gowns that one of the girls were wearing and have wanted a reason to buy it. I tried it on and of course it was AMAZING.....and...$200! I just couldn't justify spending that much money for it. Sigh. Maybe someday. So here are some pics from our fabulous night.
Me and my HANDSOME date at dinner.

Kayla and Jody when we were dress shopping.

Taking a drink, shopping can be exhausting....but oh so fun!

A cute shot of Jen

Jen twirling in her BEAUTIFUL dress, this one also cost $200!

I found this dress and LOVED it, they had it at Dillard's in turquoise and I bought it for $26!!! The deal of the century!

Me and Jen
Me, Kayla and Jen waiting for our dates to arrive. All the girls waited at our house for our men to show up and pick us up. I knew that they had a surprise for us, little did I know that it was some set of wheels. No, not a limo.... they rented a huge RV! What a totally awesome way to arrive in style! LOL

Jody, all dolled up and looking FABULOUS!

The beautiful Jen, sitting in the RV
Kayla looking good!
There was so much hairspray in my hair I am amazed that it didn't fall out due to product!

Our WAY HOT limo...I mean RV driver!

Pinning on his corsage.
Stealing a kiss!
Jody and Dion at dinner. We ate at Thanksgiving yummy!
The dance was held at the Apollo in AF. There was a live band and we had soooo much fun getting jiggy wit it!! LOL
Seriously though, Chris was in RARE form this night, I have not seen him let his hair down like that on the dance floor in FOREVER. Yes people, he did the worm (which did cause injury to some important areas!)
Jaron and Elizabeth showing us their moves.

Jen and Kelly dancing it up.

Chris and I on the dance floor.
There was even a photographer at the dance taking group and individual shots, we talked the guys into doing it! The pictures turned out so AWESOME!

We left the dance at about 11pm to go to our 'activity' we drove up to boondocks and did something that I have always wanted to do.....go lazer tagging!

I love this pic! This was all the girls in our group posing in our lazer tag gear! Look out Charlie's Angels!!!
The girls posing in front of our RV!

The men posing for the camera...... what a bunch of crazies!
After boondocks closed we drove the motor-home back to the neighborhood and parked it so that we could overlook the valley and then we watched a movie. We did not get home until 3:30 AM. Can I tell you how fun it is to not have a curfew?! (My mom had the kids spend the night at her house, thanks mom!)
This was better than ANYTHING that I could of done had I gone in High School. Finally my dream of attending a prom has come true! Thanks to all of our friends that made this night so unforgettable. And especially thanks to my prince charming for making one of my biggest dreams come true! Chris has said that if this school does it again next year then we are going again!!!! I can't wait!


jenn said...

It was SUCH a fun night- I'm so glad you invited us to go! I would not have followed through without your encouragement, so THANKS!

Chris was in RARE form- a side I have not seen even playing Werewolves!! LOVE the laser tag picture- I didn't get one on my camera.

Maybe next year we can afford dream dresses!

Kayla said...

Thanks for finally posting this! I have wanted some of those pictures! I had the best time....I loved shopping for dresses and being able to go to the prom with my husband again! We would definetly go again! Thanks for the invite and we need to do something like that again...just for fun!

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

Glad you had such a blast!

Karen said...

How fun. You looked beautiful. I'm so glad you posted your 'fairy tale evening.'

Tawnie said...

Looks like a really fun date to me. And the dress, love the bargain. It was very cute.

Amy said...

So so cute!! I LOVE that you guys did this, you look ABSOLUTELY beautiful as always. By the way, we have been playing phone tag, what the???? Call me when you have a sec ok!

Aika&Satoko said...

I want to go to a prom someday.
but, In Japan doesn'T have it.

Crazy Cravens said...

Jenny that looks like so much fun! I'm so jelious! my phone broke and i lost everyones numbers but i want to stop by and say hi call me, i might just stop by and see if i get lucky I miss you! and Leo so needs to meet you can you belive he'll be a year-old in 5 weeks

DaNce tO ThE MuSiC said...

eha ha jenny you are so cute and funny!! i love this post!! you looked beautiful!!!