Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crazy hair day and strep throat

Ana loved her crazy hair! The pink really showed up well on her blonde hair....what a cutie pie!

Taelynn's hairstyle of choice.

Sienna was sooo excited for this day...she had planned out her 'look' for several days.

Last week was spirit week at the kids' school and one of the days was Crazy hair day. So we did their hair CRAZY! We had some glitter color spray that we sprayed into their hair and voila! PINK HAIR!!! Warning: this does create a very interesting 'ring around the collar'...especially on a white shirt!

Sienna had been complaining about a sore throat and since we do not currently have insurance I was reluctant to take her into the doctor. By day two of the sore throat she was pretty miserable and had NO appetite (very unusual for her) plus she was FREEZING (again, unusual for her) so my mother intuition kicked in and told me that she had strep and needed to get into the doctor. Results: Strep Throat. So we got her on antibiotics and now (four days later) she is well on the path to recovery. PHEW! Fingers crossed that no one else gets it!


Super Angie said...

DARLING pics. Its always so much fun when kids get to do crazy things with makeup or their hair.

Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

NO joke.. I think I have it. Crazy fore throat (I wanna cry), COLD (all the time) and I don't ever want to get out of the bathtub (it takes away the aches & pains). Now I know who the carrier was.. Mmmmmm!! Don't worry jEnNy - i hope I get better toO & it WOuldn'y Hurt to lose a few pounds a long the way!! See you soon.. Well - not too soon!