Thursday, March 19, 2009

The coolest field trip EVER!

On Tuesday I was able to chaperon a field trip that Sienna's grade went on. It was called JA Biztown and was on the top floor of the Children's Museum at the Gateway. For the past few months the students have been studying economics. They have learned how to manage a checkbook, the importance of savings, and other real-life things that you need to know about money. They were each given a job that they would have in one of the businesses at Biztown As soon as you walked off of the elevator you felt like you just walked onto a city street. It was so dang cute! Sienna's job was the CFO of Larry H. Miller (a local car dealership). She was pretty disappointed though, she wanted a job as a DJ or to work at Smith's Marketplace (how's that for aiming high??!!!)
Here is a link that shows a video and better describes what this experience is all about
It was such a fun experience and I can't wait to go back again! This is Sienna working at her desk

Paying all of the companies bills (she couldn't believe how many invoices she had to pay!)

Alphagraphics...that is the store that I was assisting in.

A glimpse down one of the 'streets'
Sienna's place of employment

Eating lunch at the 'Restaurant'

This boy was picked as the Mayor, he is giving a speech to welcome the citizens to Biztown


Momza said...

What a great idea! Every kid in the world should have that kind of opportunity! Great idea!

Karen said...

What an awesome place! I haven't been to that Children's Museum. I used to take my kids to the old one on 600 N. back in the olden days when my kids were little and I was a hip young mom like you. This one is definitely better! What a FUN and EDUCATIONAL experience. Maybe I'll take my teenagers.... They could use it too!

Trieste said...

What a great place! I had no idea it even existed. I bet my students would love to go there! How fun!

Amy said...

This is the cutest thing ever!! How fun for Sienna, love all the pics. Hope you had fun last night, you guys REALLY do deserve it!

Super Angie said...

That is so neat! I'm gonna tell Dallin's school about this. What a fun field trip!

Deedee said...

We never had field trips like that when I was growing up!!!

susette said...

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Donna said...

My nephew went on this field trip last year or the year before ... I heard it was really amazing. I need to get my school interested in it before my kids are old enough to go!